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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, NC, where no witches will melt on Thursday night, be it rainy or dryI'm totally in harmony with the Obama Administration on this moving-indoors because-of-rain thing.

So what if a local meteorologist says that Thursday night is likely to be "the best weather of the entire week," with only a 20% chance of rain?

I think the Dems are just being pro-active here in recognizing that their natural constituency probably includes Wiccans. Some Wiccans may be from the west. A famous witch from the west once melted unexpectedly when she got wet. Mitt Romney probably admitted in his secret tax returns that a 20% chance of anyone melting at the Democratic National Convention is a perfectly acceptable gamble — but that just further highlights the stark choice facing Americans this November.

No, sir, Barack Obama may or may not have slowed the rise of the oceans as he promised. But no one is melting in the rain on his watch, regardless of his or her preferences regarding flying monkeys. And you can take that to the bank. (Just not to the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.)

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(1) Gregory Koster made the following comment | Sep 6, 2012 1:45:38 AM | Permalink

Dear Mr. Dyer: It doesn't matter where they hold it. Watching the amending of the platform to stick "God" and "Jerusalem" back in, complete with three voice votes before the LA mayor who gets paid for each letter in his name, had the brass to do The Won's bidding, was worth every minute of stress on the cerebellum that the Dem convention provides.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

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