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Sunday, March 28, 2010

History repeating itself as tragic farce

Bill Kristol's op-ed in today's WaPo is premised on the same historical comparison that I made in my February post entitled Iran, Obama, and the 1936 reoccupation of the Rhineland. His bottom line is that despite the rhetoric from SecState Clinton, the Obama Administration has already effectively resigned itself to an Iranian nuke. As legislators sometimes say for the record, "I respectfully associate myself with his remarks," or as they say in talk radio, "Ditto."

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(1) Dustin made the following comment | Mar 28, 2010 11:15:08 PM | Permalink

This is probably right, and it's definitely unacceptable. Fight the good fight, and be willing to lose a little face when the stakes are high enough. That's what Bush had that helps me forgive his mistakes.

Obama has made a calculation that will have a terrible cost, but probably is meant to preserve some political capital. Disgusting. I was hoping, as Obama embarrassed Netenyahu, that this was a secretive attempt to cover up US assistance, under the Israeli flag, for a strike to set Iran's program back a few years. I think that's hopelessly optimistic.

I sorely wish Bush had gone ahead and taken some military action here. I know the left would have crucified him for it, based on their 'proof' that Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program. That 2007 report was pure treason. Just as they hate Bush for all the measures he took to prevent other 9.11s and Saddam from committing more atrocities, the left refuses to accept that prevention is very valuable. And at the same time, blame harshly for anything that wasn't prevented completely.

Iran will probably strike Israel, London, or the USA with a nuclear weapon or dirty nuke at some point.

(2) Larry Brown made the following comment | Mar 29, 2010 12:35:42 AM | Permalink

But I repeat myself...
Worldwide caliphate. Muslim, dhimmi or dead. Iran's nukes are one of many strategies they have in play. Should we not worry as much about the Paki nukes also? The taliban may be within spitting distance of those as far as we know. The wests' commiseration in its' own cultural demise via piecemeal surrender to sharia is another. I have long held the opinion that Obama is a shill for the muslims. What if one were to look at his past year through a lightly silvered mirror and see it not as the pundits see it, as failure, but as a successful part of the strategy? What if?

(3) A.W. made the following comment | Mar 29, 2010 8:58:28 AM | Permalink

While I have long said that about half of our forces ought to retreat from iraq and afghanistan, into tehran, i think the rhineland metaphor is poor. To me a slightly different WWII metaphor applies: mein kampf. In one of many acts of collossal stupidity leading up to WWII, we generally failed to read the book and realize hitler actually meant what he said. Same with the president of Iran, Amadanutjob (no, that is not how to spell it, but its funny). I think his latest is to say that "there has been no holocaust... yet." i know it is wrong to joke that way, but its either laugh or cry time with me, so i opt to laugh. Seriously, i remember reading about the run up to WWII and thinking, "how could we be so stupid?" As history repeats itself, I still can't tell you how we are being so stupid, only that we are.

My favorite clueless reaction to Iran: they would never attack us. Isreal has so many nukes, that would be suicidal.

You know, because crazy muslims never attack when it is suicidal.

Its a two fer, because it ignores the central lesson of 9-11 (never assume your enemy's love of life outweighs his desire to kill you), and the central lesson of WWII (genocides do in fact happen, evil really does exist, and very often jews are the targets).

Again, laugh or cry, your choice.

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