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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Real "Kansas values" from candidate Rob Wasinger

I was grousing yesterday about the Obama campaign's pretense that its candidate was imbued with "Kansas values," so it's perhaps karma, or perhaps just happy coincidence, that I received an email from a trusted blogospheric friend today directing me to a post on Redstate.com from a real Kansan who's writing about what I believe to be real Kansas values. The writer is Rob Wasinger, a former staffer for Sen. Sam Brownback, and he's running for Congress from the First District of Kansas.

Rob has a Harvard economics degree to complement a public school education from Kansas, but his writing is blessedly free of existential angst. A sample, to perhaps induce you to follow the links and read the whole thing:

We have two simple choices. We can choose prosperity for Washington, DC or we can choose prosperity for the rest of America. I will always choose Kansas and America.

It's early for the 2010 election season, but Rob's already gathered endorsements from former Sen. Fred Thompson and a variety of prominent Kansans. I wish him much luck in his campaign.

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