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Friday, April 17, 2009

Libs scrape the bottom of a stinky, stinky barrel to recycle Spitzer

Anyone who actually believes that disgraced whoremonger and cosmically comical hypocrite Eliot Spitzer has "mastered the art of the recovery," and that he's now been "rehabilitated," is simply delusional. Anyone who's trying to persuade you of that is someone with an extremely liberal agenda — and someone who's in an ill-concealed panic because they see how thin their team's bench is in New York State, ostensibly the preeminent power among the East Coast Blue States.

Nobody has ever liked Eliot Spitzer. Even coming from a state famous for producing rude people, and a profession famous for producing insufferable SOBs, Eliot Spitzer has always stood out mostly for his rudeness and insufferability. In fact, every time I see a picture of him, I'm inevitably reminded of one of my favorite extremely crude lawyer jokes — the one that begins, "Why do all lawyers wear neckties?" (I'm not going to link the answer, you'll have to Google it.)

Eliot Spitzer was never anything but a publicity-crazed jerk even before we learned of his interstate sex trafficking as "Client No. 9." He was a populist demagogue as New York's attorney general — the self-styled "Sheriff of Wall Street" never had anything but the vaguest regard for the rule of law he was sworn to uphold, and he obviously considered himself entirely above it. Finally promoted to the state's top elective office, he instantly became a scandal-plagued failure as New York's governor.

The truth is that Eliot Spitzer has no friends. But he has enemies who have enemies, and the latter don't have anyone more appealing than him to promote at the moment.

At least with the campaigns to rehabilitate Pete Rose or Darryl Strawberry, for example, those guys had genuine talent to partially offset and redeem their tragic flaws. Spitzer is 100% tragic flaw, without even the redeeming benefit of Joe Biden-style hair plugs. Does anyone seriously believe that if Spitzer were all alone in a hotel room tomorrow night — somehow assured that neither press nor law enforcement nor his long-suffering wife were watching — and "Kristen" tapped on his door again with a "90 minutes for $5k" proposition, Spitzer would slam the door in her face?

As H.L. Mencken famously wrote, "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public," and Spitzer still has the family fortune that allowed him to spend tens of thousands of dollars on callgirls without blinking an eye, so he's in no danger of going broke anyway. But I suppose the best that can be said for the "Spitzer rehabilitation campaign" is that if the Democrats and the voters of New York are stupid enough to buy into it, they deserve exactly what they get — and no one can doubt that they knew exactly what recycled garbage they're buying.

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(1) Michael J. Myers made the following comment | Apr 17, 2009 10:14:49 AM | Permalink

Hey in a state that has regularly reelected such as Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, and Adam Clayton Powell, Spitzer is what passes for a "moderate reformer". At least insofar as the New York electorate is concerned. I suppose I could throw some others in there--several NYC mayors come to mind,along with a carpetbagger from Illinois/Arkansas by way of the White House.

But bottom line--he's a publicity crazed jerk.

(2) bud made the following comment | Apr 17, 2009 1:29:59 PM | Permalink

As someone who believes that consensual sexual conduct between adults is none of the government's business, even if there is an economic component to it, I can't condemn ES's choice to patronize a hooker.

What I can slam him for, however, is the towering hypocricy of prosecuting others, publicly and loudly, for that crime.

(3) Beldar made the following comment | Apr 17, 2009 8:20:55 PM | Permalink

bud (#2), when it comes to the law, I adhere to a libertarian view on sexual pay-for-play among genuinely consenting adults. And although Spitzer doubtless committed multiple solicitation of prostitution crimes under New York State law and also violated the federal Mann Act, he was never charged or convicted with anything. Like you, I object primarily to his hypocrisy in leading anti-prostitution task forces while he was among the trade's best customers. And I object to his betrayal of his marriage vows — moral failings rather than legal ones, but colossal ones nonetheless. If he were single, or had had his wife's informed consent, then he'd be less culpable by far.

(4) Gregory Koster made the following comment | Apr 18, 2009 1:09:19 AM | Permalink

Dear Mr. Dyer: Leave morality out of it. As New York's AG, he roared and blasted "Wall Street." Lot of publicity, and a fair amount of shark blood on the floor. Yet when the smoke and ruckus from the cannonading dissipated, was "Wall Street" cleaner for it? Ha. Spitzer was just indulging in his favorite indoor sport, i.e. kissing a mirror.

You are right that New York's Democratic bench is thin, but the GOP's is no better. The GOP candidate in the race to replace Kristen Gillibrand, James Tedisco, is a squalid character who needs a Puget Sound fog to cover up his record. He isn't seen as such because he took on Spitzer often, particularly on issuing driver's licences to illegal immigrants. That's not good enough.
When's the last time you had a GOP governor of New York you could yell for? Pataki? Malcolm Wilson? Nelson Rockefeller? Tom Dewey? My God, Dewey stopped being Governor before either of us was born. New York, in common with New England and the Mid-Atlantic states is not inviting territory for the GOP. Because of this, such vermin as Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo can flourish.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

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