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Friday, November 07, 2008

Yard sign, remodeled

Dave from Sugarland sent (and gave me permission to republish here) a photo of his yard sign โ€” which is not the product of vandalism, but rather, of his intentional remodeling:

Yard Sign

Simple. Energy-conscious (re-cycling). Works for me.

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(1) Bill B made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 1:03:43 AM | Permalink

I think that is the feeling of a lot of us, particularly after the deliberate trashing of Sarah by the McCain team...

Being asked to run, dragging her family all over the country and the thanks she got from them - for making the ticket energized...

(2) Peg C. made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 7:43:29 AM | Permalink

That is exactly what I wanted starting Aug. 29th - a Palin only yard sign. The only 1 of the 4 in the last 2 months whom I liked and respected (and who actually made me donate $$) is Palin. If this party can't get back to mass support of a Palin-like candidate, we're done, or I'm done with the party.

(3) Joanna made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 9:02:20 AM | Permalink

'Works for me.

(4) Dale MacInnis made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 10:08:11 AM | Permalink


MaCain was Hillary "ight." Hillary was Obama "light." What are we going to do next time? Try to get a candidate that's MacCain "light?" I should hope not. I am sooo tired of Republican candidates that are a very few degrees off from the Dems on a very tight spectrum.

I have follow Palin's "story" since you introduced her to us - for which my family and I will be ever grateful - and it seems to me that the essence of her story is that she is truly differnent, is guided by a set of conservative principles, and those, clearly, and passionately articulated.

Sign me up for half a yard sign!

(5) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 11:32:59 AM | Permalink

Well, it's probably easier NOT to focus on Dubya's destruction of the brand label.

Can Palin emerge on top? For some, where it involves raising funds, the answer is YES.

But there are gonna be others vying for placement.

JINDAL has a shot, too. Because Dubya's the tsunami that hit the party, the way Katrina hit New Orleans.

Of course, it left people "homeless."

Up ahead, just to forget how bad the selection of McCain turned out to be ... and "not chosen" to be McCain's veep, stands JINDAL.

Louisiana has had the misfortune of being near the bottom ... when you begin looking at all of our States.

Jindal has said that Lousiana was known for two things. Corruption which kept the state "under water." And, of course, hurricanes. Where New Orleans was threatened with "wipe out."

How did Jindal end up in politics? He says his dad was the only family member to go to college. And, his dad was a middle child, surrounded by others who didn't make the climb UP.

Anyway, Jindal was given a choice. And, he chose the road to politics, when he, himself, set off for college. Of course, that wasn't his father's wishes! His father told him he could be a doctor. And, follow any medical path he chose.

Meanwhile, Jindal speaks of his love for Louisiana. The state where he was born. AND, STAYED!

Again, politics lets Americans meet interesting people.

Palin from Alaska.

And, ahead? Perhaps the young and telegenic Jindal? Palin is 10 years older. So you're talking about young talent.

Nice to know besides McCain, way too old to appeal, there's room ahead for a whole range of young people.

Yes. One of Obama's best features was his youth.

And, the other thing us older folk might want to recognize? Today's youth aren't beating a path down the old-timer's way. They've set out on their own.

And, they're voting!

(6) Webrider made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 4:18:32 PM | Permalink

Guy up the street from me here in Austin had one of those out, the day after the McCain/Palin signs were published. When I first saw it, I thought it had been vandalized, then realized (I know him and he's as conservative as I am) that it was intentional and he had done it. I'm sure that he, like me, held his nose when he voted McCain/Palin.

(7) Ron made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 5:40:05 PM | Permalink


(8) DWPittelli made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 7:55:18 PM | Permalink

I think that the media have succeeded in making Palin a joke to so many people that she will never recover enough to again be a factor in a national election. The jokes aren't just selective or silly, like those concerning Quayle's inability to spell, but fundamentally dishonest, as if Quayle had properly said "add an E" to some other word, but the tape was spliced to falsely make it look like this word was "potato."

The unedited transcript of the Palin/Gibson interview shows that the broadcast was, particularly with regard to its editing, in fact disgracefully dishonest and intended to make the woman look stupid.

While only the uneducated believe that Obama is a crypto-Muslim or was himself a Weatherman, it seems that the majority of liberal people with college or graduate degrees believe that Palin opposes the teaching of birth control and of evolution, thinks seeing Russia from her house is a major qualification for making foreign policy decisions, or has a total of two years in government (mayor plus governor), among other lies.

(9) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 7, 2008 7:56:01 PM | Permalink

You know what surprises me the most? The reasoning to identify as the group that lost the election. In other words, for a period of time I'm sure a lot of you were hoping that McCain would win.

Were you enthused with McCain? No.

So, how come you thought this would sell to the general public?

How many promises are ever kept, anyway?

In our political system, in order to win ... It's similar to the strategies you need to develop to win cases.

The jurors don't care about your "favorite" anything. To convince them you have a program worth giving you a vote, means you can attract CUSTOMERS.

Are lots of people voting? You bet. But the turnout, per Drudge, today, was on par with the turnout for Dubya in 2004.

Only thing is Dubya wiped out. People really didn't give McCain all that much attention, when lots of people figured out that there wasn't much difference between Dubya and McCain.

Will conservatives set themselves up to be disappointed in 2012?

The one thing that looked promising, back when the primaries were being held, was the number of men on the stage. In YOUR forum! And, the best guy was McCain? Funny, I don't think so!

Of course, people who don't vote for anything that even smells like it's liberal, went out of their way to say "McCain is definitely a RINO. And, will appeal to "them."

Who were they? Well, supposedly enough people who wouldn't vote for a Black Guy. And, now that you're collecting evidence, you can see that conservatives weren't guessing right!

McCain was supposed to draw off "Hillary voters." He didn't do that!

Was Palin to blame for the "shift?" Or can you point to McCain's behaviors that did him in! (Don't forget how he dropped everything when he heard there was a bail out on Dubya's desk! He flew to DC because he wanted CREDIT!) Then? Obama was there. Took over the meeting. And, it was a disgraceful exit on McCain's part. So much for "maverick." Idiot would have been a better label.

Politics always invites players into the pool.

Palin's gift? She touches people who are willing to give money.

However, not only does Howie Dean know about the Internet as a "fund raiser," Obama raised about five million dollars from strangers. Who usually don't give money to politicians.

So, yes. Raising money is an art. And, the politicians who can tap into the generosity of others, accomplish this with "promises." Winners and losers, alike.

You'll also notice that two "big issues" were on the ballots in 3 states. Three for Pro Life measures. WHERE ALL 3 FAILED!

And, 3 for homosexual marriages. Where this was not a right that was won. Even bigger, in California, which went for Obama; the ballot measure called Prop 8 PASSED! And, it did so because Blacks and Hispanics who voted heavily for Obama, went against the homosexual communities.

Just like that. You can figure out waves in politics.'

Within the next two years, will any Supreme Court justice "retire?" And, how will that work out, given that the selection process goes to Obama.

If you remember, Dubya picked Harriet Meirs. Till that just became something else to blow up in his face. And, upon his "legacy."

2010 is probably the next "game" in town, only because like clockwork, every two years the Senate seats are up for grabs. Along with 1/3 of the senate. Hope springs eternal.

But a chip on your shoulder?

Wouldn't you want a message you could sell to the jurors? Isn't it better to watch your own stars getting elected, rather than not?

Technology has changed a lot of things in our lives. And, it's changing how our youth participate in politics.

There's a new start happening, now. Politics has received a heads up for this change, from lots of people who voted.

Again, to win? You just have to convince a little more than half the people to pick ... your candidate. And, your philosophy. It's not the Bible. Our country runs on ideas. And, here? There's room to accommodate change.

Just depends on where you want to be standing.

(10) Bill B made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 12:06:30 AM | Permalink

Carol - you have said a lot to digest. I think McCain had an uphill battle - he was slightly ahead until the stock market tanked. I think with so many people furious about the bail out - for him to stop the campaign and rush back was politically a strategic error - but he would say necessary (Country First!) I am ambivalent about the whole $700 billion bailout.

I do think that we conservatives live in our own bubble (just as the libs) We have to convince the 40% or so people who are apolitical until the elections that our way is best. Having a Jimmy Carter (or Obama in 2010? Time will tell) - certainly helps.

Sarah is a brilliant communicator - just like Reagan.

Personally I still can't get over how Congressional Republicans (and Bush 1 and 2) over the years - "squandered the brand".

People used to know us as the party that was for small govt and sane budgets.

Now the choice seems to be big and bigger.

(11) Carol Herman made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 10:57:00 AM | Permalink

Dear Bill B, and others.

Palin, to me, is a side issue. As to the "stinky press" ... it's not coming from Obama's camp! It happens to be coming out of McCain's "central casting!"

In other words, as you try to impress jurors; going after claims that Palin isn't being treated fairly, is something, I think, that's commonly accepted. Across the board. Palin did not hit the skids with crowds of people. You could think of them as jurors. Independently minded. And, fair.

Where the GOP has a huge problem, however, is with their "mandarins." Just like the CIA. To "mandarins, everything is a turf battle." And, they don't even want votes counted! They want it because they've positioned themselves on top of your tent! Sure. Fancy suits. Loaded with both money, and family links. And, they do make you poorer for it.

McCain thought it was his turn! Well, in 1996, where Bill Clinton looked more formatable; McCain didn't step forward! Bob Dole did! And, then? Promply fell into the mosh pit.

If there's anything that "aggreives" Americans it's the airs of aristocrats. Blimey, but George thought he was elected king. And, he crapped on your label. What was Dubya lacking? An ability to make an argument. STOP. Not even closing arguments! But just about any!

And, along comes McCain. And, how does he run? You saw a plan? Ya know, all I saw "was a bracelet."

See? I'm not a lawyer. The only exposure I get to arguments comes from the books I choose to read. And, from the ability, as an American citizen, to be "picked" to sit on a jury.

Back in the 1970's, when I was young, I had my first jury experience in New York City. Leonard Arye was the attorned for the defense. I sat MESMERIZED. And, ya know what? He didn't even have a great case. The client, however, found the best attorney!

Do you know what I'm saying? I'm saying most lawyers don't become trial attorneys! But the ones that do are spectacular. They understand something ANCIENT. They understand what PLATO wrote; about Aristotle. That learning to argue is an ART FORM. And, those who do it well don't embarrass you and just take your money. And, then they shrug when they lose the case! (This art must be nearly impossible to teach in law schools. Given how few men carry this talent.)

On the other hand? If you were going to be honest ... and tell me, why not? You'd have to admit that Barack Obama has a way with speaking, where he is heard by large crowds. And, he is liked.

Go back and look at your mandarins. Because that's where you have great problems.

You might even see this issue in another light, if you go, now, and look at all the homosexual hate speech against Blacks. Why? Because, in California, Prop 8 passed! In California, there will be an Amendment to the State Constitution whereby marriages can only be performed between a man and a woman.

So? So, homosexuals who had a core investment in winning the NO VOTES, are so outraged, they threaten isolated Blacks. They intend to instill fear.

HELLO! That's the craziest way to proceed. To say nothing that it breaks the laws. It also breaks common decency.

So, let me make a suggestion. (Hopefully, the judge won't bang his gravel down, saying jurors can't speak until they enter a special room. Where they are chored with "finding the facts.)

Palin is a star! SHe's easily identified. And, when she brought laughter ... which was also a REAGAN KEY! People listened. Why all this hate, now?

You want to adopt the stinking mandarin excuses as they turf battle each other, while at the same time, just for instance, let the CIA go to hell in a handbasket? What are your other options?

McCain pulled a ruse. There was fear among ALL the primary candidates. And, some pretty good ones bit the dust. Guiliani? Over the negatives he got from the Pro-Life crowds. Romney? Need I say more? Dissed because he's a Mormon. And, Mormons aren't trusted. Which leaves Harry Reid up there to prove you wrong. Dems don't get shy over religious banners.

So? So you look at your team. And, you make choices.

You haven't got great moments that Palin provided? Otherwise, once you stop holding your collective noses, you can come to terms with how McCain pulled it off. He was NOT deserving! He probably is aging to the point where he remembers nothing EXCEPT his entitlement.

And, up ahead? McCain and Joe Lieberman will have the nutworks running over ... for commentary. Just because in every "argument" ... you need to find the counterpoints.

I wouldn't make rolling over so easy!

(12) Linda made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 9:45:17 PM | Permalink

Funny, I did the same thing to my bumper sticker.

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