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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Changes in comments format

While I was tinkering with other things tonight, I think I've figured out how to make two changes to the format in which comments are displayed.

First, comments will no longer display email addresses (even with what's supposed to include no-spam harvesting code). So if for some reason you want to give out your email address, you'll now have to do that in the text of your comment. And those worried about spam and privacy in general need not, I hope, worry about accidental disclosure of their email addresses. As before, however, if you enter a URL in that blank, your name at the bottom of the comment will contain a hyperlink to the website you link.

Second, before the commenter's name at the bottom of each comment, there should now be a number listed that corresponds to the display sequence of that comment (in ascending order, chronologically from the earliest and top-most). This may help commenters be more specific in referencing each others' comments for discussion within a comment thread. As before, there will still be a permanent hyperlink at the bottom of each comment that permits direct links to individual comments.

Let me know if these changes seem not to be working properly, or if you have any other requests/suggestions.

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(1) Jerry McCleskey made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 4:00:54 AM | Permalink

Being a 75 year old senile, I was unable to get through with an email while you were blogging with Hugh to tell you that I haven’t enjoyed reading anyone more than you. Your only competitor is Steyn, and I hope the National Review listens up. Please keep up the good work.

Jerry McCleskey
Houston, Tx

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