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Saturday, November 08, 2008

BeldarBlog re-design done (for now)

Many thanks to those of you who've provided feedback on the changes in format I've been experimenting with here.

I've decided to stick with a fixed-width white container for post text, and to go with something wider than the 500 pixels I'd used since 2003. But I've dialed that back from 800 to 700 pixels to keep the line lengths from becoming too long.

The consecutive comment numbers seem to be working okay, and I've widened the text entry box.

I think the RSS syndication feed (now being redirected through Feedburner) is working okay now.

One reader asked that I incorporate buttons in the sidebar that would increase and decrease the text size. Unfortunately, TypePad advises that they have neither a widget or script to do that, although they've added that to their "new features to-do list" for future development. In the meantime, if you'd like a larger, or different, font, you'll need to use your browser settings for that.

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(1) David St Lawrence made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 1:25:44 PM | Permalink


I like the shorter line length. It is much easier to read.

I read your posts every day and feel that you are one of the bright lights in the blogosphere. Your integrity and your fairness make your posts eminently thought provoking, even inspiring.

Keep up the good work.

David St Lawrence

(2) Joanna made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 9:29:18 PM | Permalink

Just a quick note to say 700 pixels works quite a bit better for me than 800 pixels did...amazing that such a small change can make that much difference. Thanks. The wider comment box is also a nice improvement. And, yes, the feed seems to be working just fine.

PS: Hook 'em, Horns! I've calculated and calculated and think the chances of Texas making it to the Big 12 Championship game are so slim that I've decided to root for the Red Raiders to go all the way. If Texas can't be there, better it be Mike Leach's gang than any of the other teams fighting it out. Sigh. If only Texas had won last week.

(3) Joanna made the following comment | Nov 8, 2008 10:02:38 PM | Permalink

One last note for the person who'd like the "bigger/smaller" button for text. Quite a few browsers have a keyboard shortcut for that. Try control-minus and control-plus (hold the control key and hit the "minus" key for smaller or "plus" key for larger) to change the text size. On a Mac, use command-minus and command-plus. That way you don't have to go to preferences or find the command in a menu.

(4) David made the following comment | Nov 9, 2008 4:01:05 PM | Permalink

Looks fine... of course, since I'm now viewing this in an 800X600 WinXP VM window running inside a Linux host, I'm glad I'm using Opera, set to display your page at 150%, with "fit to width" set... (Opera has long allowed a magnify function using the CTRL key plus mouse wheel. Other browsers have begun doing so, but so far others' implementation is still really klunky.)

Seriously, for those with mature, feature-rich, standards-compliant browsers (let's see... Opera *heh*), whatever you do will be readable, as long as your site uses standard html/CSS, etc.

It looks fine to me "even" when I view it in the Linux host at 1024X768 on a 20"CRT (old eyes). Using Opera, again. Heck, it's even readable using Firefox, although Firefox doesn't magnify as smoothely as Opera.

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