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Sunday, October 26, 2008

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

As I explained in a guest-post yesterday at HughHewitt.com, I'm still waiting for any honest Democrats to demand that the Obama campaign identify, fire, and help prosecute the people who decided to disable the anti-fraud controls from its online credit card donation program.


[Copied here for archival purposes on November 5, 2008, from the post linked above at HughHewitt.com.]

(Guest Post by Bill Dyer a/k/a Beldar)

I'm a fierce and unapologetic critic of Barack Obama, but I've never argued — and I don't believe — that either party has a monopoly on honesty or truth. I know, and respect, and in some cases dearly love, a goodly number of liberal Democrats despite my disagreements with them. And for those folks, I'll not only stipulate their honesty and patriotic intentions, I'd actively defend them from anyone who argued otherwise.

But to my honest and patriotic Democratic friends, I must say this forthrightly, and I must say it now:

There is a criminal element that is infesting your Party to a degree unprecedented in American history, and they are trying to buy the White House for your candidate through overtly criminal means.

You, my friends, may well have contributed to the Obama-Biden campaign or causes associated with it, and knowing you as I do, I respect your choice to do so.

But no honest person of any political persuasion can ignore the fact that there are millions, even tens of millions, of dollars in illegal campaign contributions flowing into the same accounts as your legal ones. Fraud and dirty money have been involved in politics, of course, for generations — but never on a scale and with a brazenness remotely close to this year's fraud committed for the benefit of Obama-Biden.

If your man wins, he will therefore begin his administration more ethically tainted than any other president has finished one in the history of America. (If he loses, it will in part be in reaction to the ethical taint surrounding his massively overfunded campaign.)

Don't close your eyes, my honest friends who are Democrats. Don't pretend it's not happening. Don't compromise your own honesty by refusing to see the dishonesty that is swirling around your preferred candidate's campaign.

Speak out. Demand more. I know you know who to call, who to write, who to email: They've been asking you for your (legal) contributions for months and months, now, haven't they?

For a start, every honest Democrat should demand that everyone associated with the decision to disable the most basic anti-fraud mechanisms from the Obama-Biden campaign's credit-card donations systems be publicly identified and immediately fired. Every honest Democrat should demand the immediate and full cooperation from the campaign — pointedly beginning with Barack Obama — in seeing them prosecuted and convicted.

You may not stay silent, watching your funds commingled with those obtained through criminal means, and keep your own honesty. You may not close your eyes and keep your own honesty. And you may not deny that this fraud is happening, and yet keep your grasp on reality and your sanity.

I don't ask this of you as a ploy to influence the election. Whatever else changes between now and election day, your candidate has already bought all the TV time it could possibly want. Your candidate's campaign has all the money his campaign could possibly need, and that won't change.

Rather, I ask this of you because I value your integrity, as I know you always have in the past. Disappointing your conservative or Republican friends is far from the worst of what's at risk for you. Let Saint Mark's words in the title of this post be your guide.


UPDATE (Sat Oct 25 @ 5:50 p.m. CST): I'll add one thing to this post, for clarity: I never was so naive as to think that this post would prompt an epiphany among any of the hard-core leftie trolls who regularly comment on this blog — comments which inevitably attempt to change the subject from anything posted here, and that almost inevitably include personal attacks and insults directed toward me, Hugh, other commenters, and anyone and everyone who doesn't share their hate-filled view of the world. I don't know those folks except through their comments here, and I'm going to work even harder at ignoring them. By its terms, however, this post was directed to Democrats who still have a conscience, who still have a sense of morality, who still care about right and wrong, and who can still distinguish between legal and obviously illegal conduct. Disabling safeguards on campaign websites so as to permit rampant fund-raising fraud is immoral and wrong and illegal. Who among the Democrats will say so, and then act to remedy the problem and punish the guilty? I don't expect them to respond in the comments here. I hope there are some, however — not because it will affect this year's election, but because they're trying to be decent, honest people.

— Beldar

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