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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Noonan on Palin: The rest of what was said, and what she thinks

You can rely on remarks wrenched badly out of context from a recording made of her unguarded remarks on an open microphone. Or you can read the rest of what Peggy Noonan said, and what she really thinks, about Sarah Palin's nomination. I recommend the latter, especially if you've already read the former.


UPDATE (Thu Sep 4 @ wee-small-hours): The McCain-Palin campaign's two-word reaction to Noonan's and Mike Murphy's comments caught on a live microphone while they were off the air: Who cares?

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(1) Gregory Koster made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 12:10:09 AM | Permalink

Dear Beldar: Get in touch with the distinguised attorney William Dyer and ask him: When you are cross-examining a witness, and suddenly the witness blurts out something damaging to his testimony, and then spends ten minutes explaining what he REALLY meant, do you believe the blurt or the explanation?

I could not make out the context of the "it's over," though the explanation about the narrative makes sense. But that she would even speak of this on MSNBC...words fail me at such witlessness. That's a guarantee that the worst will come to pass. It has.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

(2) DRJ made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 12:11:48 AM | Permalink

Before I share my opinion, I want to point out that I'm not mad at Peggy Noonan. She writes well but she's been in her own little world for some time. She's useless as a commentator.

As for this brouhaha: I saw the original interview in real time, I heard the off-mic portions later, and now I've read her explanation. I still think Peggy Noonan is an Idiot with a capital I.

Hopefully she will fade away to write op-eds for some small town newspaper, preferably in a blue state.

(3) Beldar made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 12:17:21 AM | Permalink

Mr. Koster, it all depends. I've seen witnesses blurt out what they really believe to be the truth in an unguarded moment, and sometimes even in guarded ones, but not very often. I've more often seen people try to take innocent statements out of context.

I would frankly not have expected Ms. Noonan to warm up quickly to Gov. Palin. She sometimes writes โ€” and went to great lengths in this particular piece to write, with less than her usual organization and concision โ€” about how the rest of America differs from Washington, NYC, and the bi-coastal elites. I know she "gets" that concept. But I sometimes wonder if she is not too thoroughly immersed in that culture.

DRJ, you have me at an advantage, because I've only read the transcriptions. I should, and will, find the audio.

(4) David Blue made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 9:23:19 AM | Permalink

I read and listened to everything, and my opinion is that Peggy Noonan is a phony whose opinions and manners are different depending on whether she thinks the microphone is on or off. She's as fake as Lonesome Rhodes.

What she was telling her readers was all about the narrative. What she believes with the mike off - she thinks - is that she despises "the narrative". She thinks "the narrative" is cynical nonsense and a loser, specifically for Republicans.

In other words, she recommends to her readers as being her own opinions that she really has contempt for, but which I presume she thinks they would like. That's really cynical.

Consequently I couldn't care less what Peggy Noonan thinks about Sarah Palin or any other topic.

(5) Phelps made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 11:04:21 AM | Permalink

The rule of Optional Completeness is there for a reason.

(6) Jim Davis made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 10:25:28 PM | Permalink

On the topic of unintentional blurts--I watched Gov. Palin's speech on CBS. Afterward, Katie Couric inadvertantly referred to her as the "Governor of Arkansas". Very amusing....

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