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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Brave couple meet war hero

Below, Levi Johnston, future husband of Bristol Palin (center left), meets Sen. John McCain as his VP selection and Bristol's mom, Gov. Sarah Palin, looks on. (H/t PowerLine via InstaPundit)

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin, Sen. John McCain & Gov. Sarah Palin

Look at Bristol's smile. That is priceless, and it warms my heart.

Bravo, Sen. McCain, for going to meet him in this deliberately public photo op. Bravo to the Palin family, including their soon-to-be son-in-law, for standing up bravely despite the smears and jeers of those who lack manners, perspective, and decency.

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(1) Captain Ned made the following comment | Sep 3, 2008 9:54:41 PM | Permalink

Since Levi clearly has the stones to wade into the belly of the media beast looking to destroy anything Palin, and his bride-to-be clearly looks happy, I truly think this will resonate with all those voters the Dems consider beneath contempt, IOW flyover country.

I can't imagine facing my high-school girlfriend's parents at 18 had I gotten her pregnant (and there were a couple of months where "oh s**t" was a common refrain). To be a teenage father and agree to walk into the utter s**tstorm of this Presidential election speaks volumes about this young man's character.

The Obama campaign still doesn't realize what's happened. May they stay so clueless.

[Ned: Thanks for the comment. I've edited it for profanity, not because I don't know and use that word in my own speech regularly, but just because I try to keep a little higher tone here, about a PG or PG-13, than the Hard Left blogs. — Beldar]

(2) Linus made the following comment | Sep 3, 2008 10:11:30 PM | Permalink

To get deeply superficial for a moment, her policies and experience and leadership aside, man, Sarah Palin is cute. I mean, I've always had a bit of a Tina Fey thing, but....


(3) Christoph made the following comment | Sep 3, 2008 11:33:12 PM | Permalink

Her smile warmed my heart too, Beldar, on a cold day.

(4) Captain Ned made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 5:30:24 AM | Permalink


Sorry for the Anglo-Saxon language. I'll be better next time. Too much time hanging around Ace of Spades ... yeah, that's the reason. ;-)

(5) Marybel made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 10:12:21 AM | Permalink

Levi's being there for the mother-to-be of his child is positively chivalric. I'd say maybe they grow men better in Alaska, but John McCain's warm greeting was impressively kind as well. This is a gritty bunch who seem to pull together and don't shrink from nastiness. It's heartening to witness.

(6) Peggy made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 5:24:21 PM | Permalink

Beldar, I'm a native Texan and proud of Texans' reputation for cussedness (for non-Texans, our unofficial state motto is Don't Mess With Texas). I'm in awe of how tough this family is, even the youngsters. Alaskans are doing something right up there that the rest of us can learn from! And I agree, it looks as if Levi will fit right in. May your daughters do as well.

(7) JadeGold made the following comment | Sep 4, 2008 9:18:09 PM | Permalink

You'd have thought the Hockey Mom would have taught the daughter to cover the five hole.

Of course, this is priceless watching the socially intolerant conservatives in full-throated approval of an assault on their so-called values.

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