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Monday, August 25, 2008

Teddy at the DNC

Only a grinch could begrudge the Democrats their convention. I hope they have a good time. I'm prepared to be entertained by any conflict that breaks out, but I won't be disappointed if there is none. And I'll watch quite a bit of it, and maybe share a few of my reactions here.

Just now, Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg introduced her uncle, Ted Kennedy, who has been very ill. There is much about that man which I don't admire. But he is a lion of the Left, and one of a shrinking number of tangible reminders of a generation that I wasn't part of, but which I'm old enough to relate to. I'm just old enough to be among those who remember where they were when Jack Kennedy was assassinated, and I certainly remember Bobby's assassination too, and I was politically aware and a voter by the time Teddy was making his own challenge for the Democratic nomination.

The old lion can still roar on cue, if more from ingrained habit than present robust energy. As always, his Massachusetts accent, with Rs seemingly dropped and added at random, reminds me of his brothers. Gendah, endeavah, Novembah — if he were more truthful and less of a politician, he'd have included in his call of universal health care a reference to that world-class single-payer health care system in Cuber.

This may be his last-ever convention. I'm glad he was well enough to speak, and to give his partisans a chance to show their affection for him.

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(1) Redstate Rumbler made the following comment | Aug 26, 2008 3:42:50 PM | Permalink


I like your observations, but draw the line on Teddy. I can't get over the Chappaquiddick incident as I mused on my blog earlier.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work.


(2) Milhouse made the following comment | Aug 26, 2008 8:38:14 PM | Permalink

It's not random. R is a silent letter except before a vowel. This leads some people to insert spurious Rs between two vowels that come in a row.

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