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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beldar to Lowry, for the benefit of McCain, on ANWR

Rich Lowry, the editor of the National Review, asks a question on The Corner today that I don't think he means to be rhetorical (bold-face mine):

Drilling is, of course, the best domestic issue Republicans and McCain have going for them. Can you imagine what the debate would look like if McCain hadn't changed his position on off-shore drilling a few weeks ago? Now, with the Democrats and Obama beginning to buckle, it's no time to let up on the pressure, as we argue here. McCain probably needs to go farther and support drilling in ANWR. It will augment his "all of the above" position; it will prompt howls from the left and environmentalists—which is a good thing given how this debate is shaping up; and it will keep him in a place on the issue where Obama can't go, or can go only with great difficulty. How can McCain make this change? That's a tougher question. He's going to have to live down the "Grand Canyon" nonsense, but maybe he can find a way to get some cover (arguing for drilling on the one hand, but expanding the size of ANWR on the other?). Or maybe he can just go the straight-talk route, "My friends, I've looked at this more closely in light of $4-a-gallon gas, and I realize I was wrong. But I will swallow my pride and gladly admit error if it means helping lift the burden of high energy costs on American consumers." Or something like that.

The obvious answer that Mr. Lowry is seeking but inexplicably missing: McCain should tour both the proposed drilling area within ANWR, the rest of the Reserve, and other developed and developing sites in Alaska — in the natural and knowledgeable company of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

McCain can then explain how his understandable prejudice in favor of the "pristine," like the Grand Canyon, was forced to give way when confronted by facts on the ground — indeed, facts about the ground. Barren mudflats plus articulate advocacy by Gov. Palin can certainly persuade a receptive America, along with McCain, that responsible drilling in ANWR is an idea whose time has certainly come.

Of course, my preference, often expressed on this blog, would be that he combine that trip with an announcement of Gov. Palin as his Veep nominee. But even if he delays that announcement, or (sigh) goes in a more conventional and boring direction for his Veep, he ought to make good use of Gov. Palin's on-site expertise and persuasive powers.

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(1) The Drill SGT made the following comment | Aug 6, 2008 8:12:15 PM | Permalink

Even if he doesn't intend to pick Palin, he can create a positive buzz and air time by going to ANWAR and javing Palin do her pitch.

"McCain impressed by Gov Palin, GOP Rising Star"

(2) Mongo Mere Pawn made the following comment | Aug 6, 2008 9:24:21 PM | Permalink


As a fellow Texas attorney, I join you in your support of Governor Palin for VP.

Caught your post on her trip to Landsduhl.

Thought you might like this video. She appears at 3:06.

(3) Xrlq made the following comment | Aug 6, 2008 10:02:25 PM | Permalink

Flipping on ANWR would be nice, but politically, McCain doesn't need to because he owns the issue already. There's so much more on the shale and the outer continental shelf, where Obama also doesn't want to drill, as to make ANWR a footnote by comparison.

(4) charlie dorfman made the following comment | Aug 8, 2008 6:25:06 PM | Permalink

cdor Posted: 01 August 2008 08:47 PM [ Ignore ] [ # 31 ]Rate This Post

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Joined 2006-11-19 Sarah Palin is a beautiful, smart, tough executive. She makes “tingles go up my leg”. And I am sure that I’m not the only one that would feel that way. Mr. Obama and the Dems would have a hard time criticizing her for lack of experience...they would have a hard time criticizing anyone for that matter.

McCain should gather all the media he can and fly them up to ANWR. Governor Palin can enter onto a small stage and give a speech about how Alaskans are ready and willing to help all Americans solve our oil crises. She can explain how drilling in this Godforsaken mosquito pit will only increase the number of curly-towed, yellow -beaked caribou that currently exist.

McCain could then enter. Thanking the good Governor for opening his eyes to reality. He would state that he has changed his mind about drilling in ANWR as well as the outer continental shelf. Then he could list all the accomplishments Governor Palin has achieved.

At that point he would proudly announce, “Sarah Palin is my choice to be the next Vice President of the United States of America.

Thank You Very Much for joining me here today. Any questions?

I posted this on Powerline Blog a week ago. Way to go Beldar.

(5) Tom made the following comment | Aug 14, 2008 7:59:52 AM | Permalink

As you’ve noted, Sarah Palin called a special session of the state legislature in remote Barrow, Alaska, in late June 2008. Meeting with 3 other states, Canada and oil companies, she hammered out the "Pacific Coast Collaborative" to hike competition between oil firms and boost the benefits of energy sources for Alaska and the "Lower 48.” Canada's presence at the table made her work international, and what a work it was. Sarah Palin did more for domestic energy in one week than most politicians in Washington have done in a lifetime.

But the strategic importance of Alaska and the region is multiplying by leaps and bounds – and with it, the value and stature of Alaska’s extraordinary chief executive.

Today, the Coast Guard Cutter Healey gets underway from Barrow to map the Chukchi Cap. The maps are expected to bolster US claims on the area as being part of the outer continental shelf – Alaska’s keel, if you will.

Also this week, the US all but signaled a major, impending policy shift for the region. In place of scientific exploration, “sovereignty” and “security” will soon emerge as the watchwords for our strategic direction in Alaska and the Arctic.

According to CanWest News, on 8 August (the same day Russia invaded Georgia), Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff “slipped quietly into Alaska … to assess the Coast Guard’s northern operations...” Chertoff’s 2-day trip was unannounced and included no press or public events.

The area north of the Arctic Circle may hold as much as 13 percent of the world’s total undiscovered oil. Small wonder that, during a “scientific exploration” last summer, Russia planted her flag on the Arctic sea floor.

It would be simple and proper for the Bush Administration to ensure that Governor Palin is immersed in this major policy shift as it takes shape. Politically, it would be wise. Programmatically, she has the skills to help bring it off.

With all these developments percolating over the next few weeks, John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as the next Vice President of the United States will be viewed as a masterstroke.






p.s. Continued gratitude for all the support you provided us at SwiftVets.

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