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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scratch a liberal, uncover a communist

U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), speaking to the press today (my transcription from TIVO'd coverage on the Fox News channel during Neil Cavuto's show, about 10 minutes ago):

So if there's any seriousness about what some of our Republican colleagues are saying here in the House and elsewhere about improving the number of refineries, then maybe they'd be willing to have these refineries owned publicly —  owned by the people of the United States. So that the people of the United States can determine how much of the product is refined and put out on the market. To me, that sounds like a very good idea.

Ah yes, Congress is once again going to invest itself into repealing the laws of world-wide supply and demand. In the name of "the People," we're going to switch to a command economy, wherein Washington will decree that prices will drop, supply will be created out of nothingness, and we'll all live happily ever after.

The Dems are well into the stage of "irrational exuberance" which foretells the pop of their political bubble. When a Congressmen on the House Ways & Means Committee can propose nationalizing the energy industry without realizing that voters may notice that "Hey, that's communism!" then they're well and truly drunk off of their own fumes. If only they will continue down paths like these, it may turn out that John McCain is the luckiest political candidate in the history of the world. I'm sensing more and more parallels between the 2008 campaign and the 1972 campaign.


UPDATE (Wed Jun 18 @ 5:55pm): AllahPundit has a link to the video along with his own reaction (which roughly parallels mine).

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(1) DRJ made the following comment | Jun 18, 2008 6:10:58 PM | Permalink

Good post but I think the jury is still out on whether the reaction of 2008 electorate will parallel their 1972 counterparts. I'm afraid that some in today's electorate may be more willing than their predecessors to embrace socialism if they think it will benefit them.

(2) Gregory Koster made the following comment | Jun 18, 2008 7:49:51 PM | Permalink

Dear Mr. Dyer: As of 5:20 PM Pacific time, the link is broke. But going to HotAir's front page brings it up. After a bit it will be buried and a search of HotAir using "Hinchey" should do the job.

In a way, this is a tribute to how well conservatism has served this nation. Mr. Hichey's notion is scarcely distinguishable from Jimmy Carter's notorious Crude Oil Equalization Tax, which worked this way: Domestic oil was price controlled, thanks to Richard Nixon's idiotic price control scheme of 1971. With domestic oil selling under price controls, those who had to import, under OPEC's rapacious uncontrolled price were at a "disadvantage," so the Bumpkin decided to fix things by slapping an import tax on all oil, such that it cost exactly the same no matter where it came from. Result: if you were a sharp oil trader and had succeeded in negotiating a contract with a foreign oil supplier that was, say, thirty cents a barrel less than OPEC's price, the Bumpkin would congratulate you---and tax your contract an extra thirty cents a barrel so everything was "fair." The only one who got any satisfaction out of this was the ghost of Adam Smith, who laughed like hell at John Maynard Keynes's ghost. All incentives were shot to hell, all price signals hopelessly scrambled, so this left the other method of allocation: queues, complete with frustration and occasional riots when a station ran out of gas and there were still people who had been waiting for an hour... Who can forget the Washington POST bawling for actual rationing by the feds, to save the day? Who can forget Hamilton Jordan's frenzied assaults on the Federal Trade Commission for not punishing the "chiselers" and keeping his beloved boss's poll ratings up. Who can forget? Those under 35, i.e. a big mob of Obama supporters, i.e. just so much combustible rubbish waiting to be set ablaze while the Messiah (so named for the dramatic messes he will create) bawls sonorously, "Yes we can."

The GOP is missing a bet if they don't run ads showing the lines at gas stations, interspersed with shots of the occasional riot, the Bumpkin's "moral equivalent of war" speech, the minatory broadsides the Bumpkin's press secretary Jody Powell fired at "gougers," and finally Mr. Hinchey's speech, all overlaid with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "Brother, Here We Go Again." The Bumpkin having far above even a national politician's bump of vanity (hence his nickname) will defend himself, and wrap himself around the Messiah, who should react as he would to sunbathing in poison ivy. If the tuition of the Messiah and his crowd of ghetto demagogues and witlings weren't so expensive, I'd be tempted to vote for the Messiah, just to enjoy the greatest, gaudiest circus ever seen in these States. Blowing up skyscrapers is too high a price. Go McC---and watch your own ads! Learn something.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

(3) hunter made the following comment | Jun 18, 2008 10:11:41 PM | Permalink

The democrats are losing their minds and the election.
People are waking up that it is not the fault of oil companies that prices are high.
Prices are high because lying environmentalists and thieving democrats are causing them to be high.
And now their plan is plain to see:
Use phony enviro policies to screw up rational oil drilling and then blame the companies and steal their assets.
They lie about the climate, they lie about the risks of drilling. They make false claims that oil is somehow a national asset. They lie about ANWR. They lie about anything, and now we see: they lie so they can steal.

(4) Beldar made the following comment | Jun 18, 2008 10:44:50 PM | Permalink

I think the link to the Hot Air page with the video is fixed now. Thanks for the catch, Mr. Koster.

(5) hunter made the following comment | Jun 19, 2008 7:03:19 AM | Permalink

The most disturbing aspect of this is that the media is under reporting it.
Think about this:
The democrats are proposing the most radical of 'solutions' on this energy crisis, and the media is simply ignoring it, while trumpeting how they think it is stupid to drill for oil.
This is a great example of media corruption and manipulation.

(6) Mike made the following comment | Jun 19, 2008 10:04:40 AM | Permalink

That anyone, especially a member of Congress, can propose the nationalization of the oil industry after having seen the clearly disastrous effects of nationalization in the former Soviet Union, is mind-boggling.

What kind of moron is Hinchey? What does he think he and the rest of the "anointed" are going to try that hasn't already been tried, and failed so miserably?

Today, the price of gasoline is high, but you can still buy as much as you're willing to pay for. Nationalize the industry, and we'll see the price artifically capped, with consequent severe shortages that will cause far more damage to the U.S. economy than $4-a-gallon ever could.

What's even more appalling is that there are enough people in Hinchey's district who are so utterly ignorant of the most basic things to actually vote the ignoramus into office. Unbelievable.

(7) charclax made the following comment | Jun 19, 2008 11:13:44 AM | Permalink

Nationalizing industries worked out so very well for the Soviet Union. We really should copy them so that we can achieve the same results. What's that you say, the Soviet Union is no more? Ah, but our friends Maxine Waters and Maurice Hinchey are determined to ignite the second Bolshevik revolution. As for me and mine, we're clinging to our guns and our faith.

Great post Beldar - thanks.

(8) Carol Herman made the following comment | Jun 19, 2008 12:56:53 PM | Permalink

What a "name-calling" game.

Because it can be turned around to say, "scratch a conservative and uncover a facist."

One of the amazing things about the American system is that there's no place for harmony. Instead? Every interest group can be heard. But to win, you have to garner one more percent above 50.

And, then, what kicks in is "winner takes all."

We're completing 8 years with Bush. He doesn't enter, well. And, then he can't overcome his ability to move his tongue properly.

Let me help you out. If Bush had chosen a life as a lawyer, all his clients would be losers. And, he'd never sway one jury. Sure, his dad could support this. But, basically, in time, a lot of people would learn BUSH WAS BAD FOR BUSINESS.

Does the GOP learn this?

Hard to tell.

Does it matter if Bush was right going into Iraq? Within three weeks of Tommy Franks' arrival in Baghdad; Bush began blowing victory, and snorting it as if it was cocaine.

Bush never made the sale to the American people. Because? Everyone sees him hand-holding the Sauds. And, doing what his poppa also did well. Turning off the public.

Now you're heading into 2008. WHere ALL the House Member's seats are on the line. While in the Senate, the GOP has to defend 24 seated Senators. And, the democrats only 12.

As I've said, either candidate can make a poor veep choice. And, I don't know if Obama would pick Colin Powerll; but if he did, he'd show the world that Americans weren't afraid of two black candidates. And, he'd up his diplomatic credentials.

Since my son tells me that today's youth "really like Obama," and I'm cutting him short because of my own prejudices ... All I can say is I've often voted for the loser in presidential races. So what do I know?

All conservatives can flatter themselves that they have the best ideas. But if they're in the minority, in DC ... that's a power gap.

The Congress, it seems, is already lost. As the GOP treated DC ... well, like the swamp it is. And, good ads don't cover up the short-comings. Just in case it wasn't terrible news that Bush couldn't make a speech to save his life.

And, it's not even his life, now, on the line.

Rich kid. Easy come. Easy go.

Oh, one thing my son said that I found very interesting. He said if Obama won, THEN the democrats would work very hard to give him a chance to look good. So, you wouldn't get the Bible thumpers showing up to brag about how strong they got. Even the Muslims would be held in check.

To look good.

It's not as if the GOP has developed an art in this field.

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