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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Four years of blogging, but Beldar isn't holding his breath waiting for the big blue and white jet

Exactly four years ago, I put up my first post on BeldarBlog: What do I mean when I describe myself as a "trial lawyer"?

I wrote that post because I'd just finished the graphic for the blog heading (including the subtitle), and I figured readers were likely to mistakenly assume from my self-description as a "long-winded trial lawyer" โ€” admittedly a redundancy โ€” that my primary practice involves representing injured individuals in personal injury cases. Indeed, I've always included a link to that first post in my sidebar.

Despite some long dormancies, I've kept up the TypePad subscription (and I continue to be happy with its features, reliability, pricing, and especially, customer service). Thank you, TypePad.

Sitemeter indicates that I've had well over 1.5 million "visits" and 2.2 million "page views" since then. That's many times more visitors than I'd ever have predicted four years ago, but small potatoes in comparison with many other bloggers, including several whose blogs are much newer. I'm always grateful to those who've read, commented, emailed, and/or linked to my stuff. Thank you, folks.

While I was visiting my 84-year-old father in early July, we watched some talking heads TV together (Fox and PBS, mostly), and I was able to boast to him several times: "Hey, there's another pundit who's linked to my blog!" and "Oh yeah, I've traded emails back and forth with her!" Or: "Yeah, Dad, that guy wrote that I'm doing a better job explaining their positions than the President's and Vice President's own staffs are doing, and that they ought to hire me!"

At which my father drawled, with gentle skepticism: "So what time exactly is Air Force One landing to pick you up?"

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(1) TMac made the following comment | Aug 7, 2007 8:48:58 AM | Permalink

I like your father and I haven't even met him.

(2) dchamil made the following comment | Aug 7, 2007 10:57:10 AM | Permalink

How different it would be if your father had had something pleasant or encouraging to say.

(3) Cara Anderson made the following comment | Aug 7, 2007 3:31:13 PM | Permalink

Just realized that where I placed a comment was at an older post, where you probably won't see it, so here goes again -

Except that we're in Missouri, our dogs could be kin. Our Shiloh looks just like your Weiss - including his tongue, which has a diagonal black stripe, and some black spots as well. His pink skin slao has many black "freckles". We adopted him from our local shelter in 1995; he's now 13 years old, and feeling a little tired around the edges. Our research into his physical characteristics indicated he could be a mixture of white shepherd (a Canadian breed) and shina inu - a Japanese breed which, along with the pink/black tongue, has a love of leaping into the air, especially when greeting his people. Really amazing to see another dog so much like ours - glasses raised to Weiss and Shiloh, and may she also enjoy a long life.

Enjoy your blog - that second photo of your July 4th home visit looks like the intersection where Tom Hanks was in the last scene of the film "Cast Away".

(4) Bingo made the following comment | Aug 8, 2007 8:37:36 AM | Permalink

Beldar...when push came to shove in election '04, you were THE blog of record in exposing Kerry for the fraud that he is. I know. I was there...and I read them all.

Were you never to pen another thought, you were a prime mover and most instrumental in affecting the history of this country.

Affecting the history of this country...not a bad day's work Beldar...not bad at all.

(5) nk made the following comment | Aug 8, 2007 11:53:59 AM | Permalink

Yeah, my father had a way of keeping my feet on the ground too. If I could only have him back, I'd put up with a thousand barbs a day.

(6) PC14 made the following comment | Aug 8, 2007 5:12:52 PM | Permalink

Beldar, Your Kerry and Swiftboat stuff was the best there was in 2004. Even to this day, I can frustrate (even piss off) my lefty friends who expect to remain unchallenged after commenting: "Oh, those Swiftvets have been debunked."

I get a big grin when they use that word debunked. And then the fun starts.

(7) Mark L made the following comment | Aug 9, 2007 6:18:32 PM | Permalink


I am sooo glad you started blogging again. I am also glad you have been around four years. You are one blog I check every day, even if I don't think it likely something new has been posted, just because it's worth the time when you do post something.

(8) Bill M made the following comment | Aug 12, 2007 7:16:24 PM | Permalink

At which my father drawled, with gentle skepticism: "So what time exactly is Air Force One landing to pick you up?"

Father's do have a way of pricking the balloons of our "egos." They are almost as good at it as wives!!!

{Disclosure: I had to say that...at the risk of serious injury, said wife being close at hand!!!}

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