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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beldar on Mark Levin on Hillary Clinton and Jeri Thompson

I can't listen to Mark Levin's radio show. Completely apart from content, his voice affects me like fingernails on a chalkboard. But completely apart from his voice, he's just been too over-the-top, pretty much all the times I've tried listening. Him screeching "I'm sick of ___" will cause me to turn off the radio, whatever he's got in that blank at the moment.

So it is, too, with this op-ed from Monday on NRO entitled "Hillary Clinton, Trophy Wife." In it, he catalogs and links left-leaning mainstream media sources, including some I hadn't previously seen, who've made mocking and belitting comments about former Sen. Fred Thompson's wife Jeri as being a "trophy wife." And I have no problem with his conclusion:

The Left likes to lecture us about sexism and gender discrimination. But when it comes to Republican women, they’re all for a glass ceiling. The truth is that if Jeri Thompson was the wife of a leading liberal Democrat candidate, or spent her life working for liberal causes, they would fall all over her with adulation. They’d fawn over her good looks, grace, and charm. They’d praise her for balancing family and public life. The age difference between Fred Thompson (64) and Jeri Thompson (40) would go unmentioned — as it has with Chris Dodd and his young wife. And in the case of JFK, his marriage to the younger Jackie was said to be a huge asset. It unquestionably was.

The personal attacks on Jeri Thompson are meant to damage Fred Thompson’s undeclared presidential bid. They’re afraid of you, Fred! All the more reason to join the battle.

But he apparently can't resist going into attack mode himself, when he writes earlier in this same op-ed:

The ultimate exploiter of the "trophy" spouse would be Hillary Clinton. But for Bill Clinton, she would be a nobody. If Hillary was only a Rodham, she’d be just another Chicago liberal. She’s stood on Bill Clinton’s shoulders for three decades. In fact, she’s still relying on him to help deliver campaign contributions and the votes in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire. And that’s why she "stood by him" when he was accused of rape and other forms of criminal assault. It’s called power.

I'm very sure that Sen. Thompson and his wife would never, ever in a million years let this kind of attack slip from their lips, and it's just not very smart on Levin's part.

I am not a Hillary fan. There are no circumstances, including waterboarding, that could induce me to vote for her for anything. I think she's actually the potential Democratic nominee who'd be easiest to beat in a general election, but I don't favor giving her even a temporary amnesty from Republican criticism until after the primaries.

And yes, Hillary has exploited, and will continue to exploit, her husband's name, status, contacts, and popularity. She is at least as ruthless as Bill Clinton was in his pursuit of the presidency, and if only America could somehow harness her thirst for power and convert it into electricity, we'd solve our energy dependency overnight.

But it's stupid to underestimate her, and that's what Levin's characterization does. "Only another Chicago liberal?" Obviously, Levin has forgotten the superb political joke told about Hillary:

While on a tour bus campaigning in New Hampshire, Hillary and Bill Clinton are shaking hands with some of the workers at a truck stop where their bus is being refueled when Hillary recognizes one of the workers who's actually doing the fueling. She stops to chat with him while Bill's working the rest of the crowd, and Bill thinks she doesn't notice when he sneaks off to grab a plate of truck-stop nachos.

The pumper turns out to be "Chip" — a guy from her home town of Park Ridge, Illinois, and upon whom she'd actually had a crush on during seventh grade.

They laugh about old times for a minute or two, and then, as they watch Bill sneaking back onto the bus, Chip says, "Hey! I wonder what would have happened if that seventh-grade crush had ripened, and if you and I had ended up getting married, instead of you and Bill Clinton?"

"Oh, that's easy, Chip," replies Hillary. "I would still be touring New Hampshire in a campaign tour bus, but with you instead. You would be the ex-President of the United States. And instead of wiping melted nacho cheese off his chin, Bubba over there," she says, pointing at Bill, "would be wiping diesel off his hands after filling our tank."

Calling Hillary a "trophy wife" seriously misunderestimates her. And it's pointlessly, genuinely sexist, just like the attacks on Jeri Thompson.

There's no shortage of negative things to say about Hillary Clinton, and if you start making up stuff that lacks a factual basis — if you were to call her lazy or stupid, for example, or even politically inexperienced — you lose all credibility. You can quite appropriately point to her relationship and history with the forty-second POTUS as part of a legitimate critique. But calling her a "trophy wife" is just unjustified; that's not what she is, in any sense of that term. Levin should cut it out.

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(1) Xrlq made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 3:43:13 PM | Permalink

Sometimes I wonder if Levin is for real, or if he's a liberal dirty trickster out to discredit the right.

(2) Sheldon made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 4:42:51 PM | Permalink

In my opionion, a second Clinton presidency is not what America needs. But I agree that Hillary Clinton is not to be underestimated. She is a tough, determined and experienced politician.

(3) Jebster made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 9:51:47 PM | Permalink

We cannot underestimate ANY socialist...especially ol' thunder thighs herself. She would be worse from America than even "W" has turned out to be. We don't need ANYONE in the Whitehouse like her who will bring socialism and attempt to turn us into the former Soviet Union.

(4) Scott in DE made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 10:21:54 PM | Permalink

So it's OK for the NY Slimes to call Thompson's wife a 'trophy wife', but not OK for Mark to mockingly call Her Thighness that? Wouldn't that be a double standard, genius?

(5) nk made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 10:35:54 PM | Permalink

Heh! Excellent point, Beldar. If not for Hillary, Billy would have been a part-time bootlegger/part-time used car salesman, working for his step-uncle, driving around in a three-year old Cadillac convertible trying to pick up blowsy trusk-stop waitresses.

(6) PD187th made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 10:40:11 PM | Permalink

KFC SPECIAL!!Coming Soon...

2 small breasts...
2 Left Wings...
and a side of beans (to help out w/ global warming)...
"Drinks are on the house"(Pink Lemonade only)...

ALL for only: $3.99...

This is better than FDR's "A chicken in every pot"...It's already cooked just waitin' for pick up...

(7) Bill Clinton made the following comment | Jul 18, 2007 11:05:06 PM | Permalink

Hil a trophy wife? Only a trophy for the biggest butt and most ornery...

(8) Ali made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 12:09:00 AM | Permalink

Warning: PG13 language, improper for most places.

Beldar, you're kidding right?
You're saying she's doesn't rely on Bill to get donations?

Don't worry, it can't make a dent in the Thompson campaign... I heard his wife was quite intelligent as well. I admit upfront I was jealous and bought a padded bra up two sizes when I first saw her, but that's neither here nor there.

Moving on...

What I got out of it was the so-called feminist aspect. It's the same thing. Hill's down for the women, yet look at the example. But women (especially younger ones), need the example of self-respect, not just in power or government, but self-esteem... not we'll pay for your abortions universal care wise cause you're to stupid to take responsibility. We know Hill's the puppetmaster, but the puppet... no matter how famous or capable to raise money (who taught him you would say), should not seem to be needed if you're going to be the pres. Sure, it would be a twofer, but she can speak for herself.

Unless she thought it would make her look more powerful in a strange way (besides campaign, etc.).

As you know, she's running things, she's more man than woman... yet after all he's done (granted she still needed him, but not really, if she held the brain and plan from the beginning), she can't drop him. Your average woman can't look at Hillary like she's Mrs. Cleaver... oh what a traditional couple, working it out regardless, how holy... not happening. And if she doesn't care because he's not bothering her for sex... yet degrades her with his acts, why keep him, (especially when he can't cover himself and could blow the whole plan)? I would think she wouldn't want the longsuffering wife sympathy votes (ok, she wants all the votes). Let me guess... true love? Nyet.

One thing I do know, she would bomb the hell out of places... don't be fooled. All those Clinton generals from before that are screaming for pullout now... they will have no place in her administration. After she installs socialism of course.

Rant off/ That's what I thought when I heard it. But i'm twisted. Next time Beldar, if you feel that way, call his show and say it... shoot, you still can you know.

Beldar, if you get a chance... go to the dregs of youtube and look at the Code Pink speech, as she explains how she's known all these years from experience in Iraq, blah, blah,(not what the ladies wanted to hear), those were the days she couldn't even lie and say she was against the war.
And she spoke as if she ran things then... not blaming anything on her hubby, just straight.

Hillary has always been smart about getting what she wanted... but trust me, there's a cog loose.

(9) Alphabet Soup made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 9:08:08 AM | Permalink


So, although you admit that Levin's analysis is essentially correct, and further, you provide anecdotal evidence that proves her cunning, not her judgment, you can't get past the "trophy wife" thing.

I have to agree. In order to qualify as trophy wife, your presence should make your man look better. I'll admit that five minutes of her shrill, condescending voice uttering inanities would make anybody with a closed yap look good, but now we're talking compromises, not assets.

Bottom line - you show that hillary might make a good "dream-maker" but president? It is to laugh!

(10) kimsch made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 10:03:32 AM | Permalink

I think Bill's the "trophy wife", he's the one being paraded about for her benefit...

(11) Pat made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 11:01:25 AM | Permalink

Hey genius, Did you work for Reagan? Do you have a professional relationship with Ed Meese? NO?


Do you have 4 million fans? A best selling book? No?


Those that can't do, criticize. Do I see a big green monster?

(12) Pat made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 11:05:31 AM | Permalink


Hillary a trophy wife? Well the good news is that she's so bottom heavy, you couldn't knock her off the bookcase.

(13) nk made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 7:01:05 PM | Permalink

Beldar, you're rising in the blogosphere. You've acquired troll(s). Possibly just one, possibly a "Ronette" (Ron Paul supporter -- all three of which seem to suffer from multiple personality disorder).

Illegitimi non corburundum!

(14) Bingo made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 8:54:09 PM | Permalink

If you want to discuss "trophy wives", you need to consult an authority on big dame hunting...

Senator Kerry...a few words please?

(15) nk made the following comment | Jul 19, 2007 9:41:23 PM | Permalink


I believe that it was a case of Teresa begging herself a "trophy husband" -- she had money but no pedigree or political standing. Kerry is a Boston Brahmin. Well ... an acceptable substitute for one anyway. It was a step up for Teresa, a la the movie "Scarface": "Chico, thees ees Amereeca. Forst joo get the money. Then joo get the power. And when joo got the money and the power, then joo get the woman (John Kerry)."

(16) scooter libido made the following comment | Jul 21, 2007 11:24:19 AM | Permalink

Judging from the pettiness of some of these comments, it looks like the Clinton haters haven't learned anything from the past six years. What a blessing it will finally be to have competent and accountable government leadership once again. I can hardly wait.

(17) Beldar made the following comment | Jul 21, 2007 12:37:34 PM | Permalink

It's entertaining how Levin's fans write like Levin speaks.

(18) DRJ made the following comment | Jul 25, 2007 12:08:10 AM | Permalink

The trophy wife attacks must not have worked so now the anti-Thompsonites are taking a different tack: According to this article, Jeri Kehn Thompson is either the brains or the *itch of the Thompson campaign.

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