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Monday, December 11, 2006

Verdana and Georgia

If the print you're reading here seems a bit larger and/or otherwise easier to read than in the past, that's because I've changed my stylesheet to use Georgia instead of Times New Roman as the default serif typeface (for most long passages of text), and Verdana instead of Arial as the default sans-serif typeface (for titles and for most of the sidebar entries).

If you positively hate it, comments are open. But to my own increasingly far-sighted eyes, these typefaces (which are specifically designed for display on computer screens) seem a bit more friendly.

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(1) DRJ made the following comment | Dec 11, 2006 3:21:46 PM | Permalink

Every little bit helps my 50+ old eyes. Frankly, I'd like everything in Verdana. Even Georgia looks a little bleak to my tired eyes.

(2) James Joyner made the following comment | Dec 11, 2006 4:28:51 PM | Permalink

I've long defaulted to Verdana and Georgia, with Arial and TNR as backups. I've probably over-used serif fonts, though. I may try all-Verdana to see how it goes.

(3) Old Coot made the following comment | Dec 11, 2006 6:22:15 PM | Permalink

Firefox lets me pick my own font preference, so it's Arial all the way at my end.

(4) Jinnmabe made the following comment | Dec 11, 2006 11:32:27 PM | Permalink

I'm only 29 and I recently switched to Georgia and it seems like it's increased my reading comprehension. Well, it's that or the fact that I quit drinking before and during work.

Just kidding about the drinking, serious about the Georgia.

(5) Edward Still made the following comment | Dec 12, 2006 6:43:08 PM | Permalink

I like it.

Of course, it I were the emperor, I would outlaw Times New Roman as a blight on the landscape.

For those who want something easy on the eyes, switch your printed documents to Century Schoolbook.

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