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Monday, December 11, 2006

Questions not to be read while imbibing fizzy drinks

Let's hope John Fund's readers aren't mid-swallow when they read the title of his essay in today's OpinionJournal: "Pelosi's Promise: Will the next speaker live up to her word and clean House?" The droll Mr. Fund had an answer already in mind when he, or someone, wrote that title, but read the whole thing.

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I'm afraid one of Mr. Fund's points is a little off. I'm strongly in favor of having Congresspeople off on junkets; in fact, I think financing them should be tax-deductible, possibly even a tax credit.

The goal would be to disperse them around the world, not more than three to a given city. Figure it costs $10,000 a day to keep a Congresscritter on the road. $5,350,00 x 365 = just under two billion dollars. Considering what they cost us when they're in session, that'd be damn cheap!


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