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Sunday, December 03, 2006

If you are a commercial website guru ...

... who's looking for a client who's terribly, terribly in need of your services, contact Polar Fitness in Finland, www.polar.fi. I recently bought one of their heart-rate monitors to exercise with, and I like it pretty well. And they have what's supposed to be a website to permit you to upload data from the monitor to keep track of your exercising. But their website is the slowest piece of junk on the internet — like communicating with one of those old bulletin boards at 28k baud in 1992, or maybe worse. I think I'd actually read something about how slow the site is in a review before I bought the monitor, but I thought, "Naw, that's just someone with a slow internet connection." Nope. It is awful.

Now, I know that's not up to my usual standards of blog-worthiness, and I'm sorry for that. But sometimes ... you just have to rant. (InstaPundit does it all the time! Although he also sometimes raves.)

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(1) AugustFalcon made the following comment | Dec 4, 2006 2:21:33 PM | Permalink

Hear, hear.

Their site has been going steadily downhill since they discovered flash a couple of years back.

Their gear however is pretty good -- I've had a 701 since about 2001. The display has developed a couple of hot pixels most likely due to some construction I've been doing. And I am on my 3rd t61-coded sensor. Hint: don't store it chest side down on the top of your refrigerator: kills the battery. T61s are hard to find.

Their PC software is pretty good for keeping track of sessions and intensities. The web stuff never was helpful. But I row on a Concept2 machine, not run. I do have their setup for my bicycle and that works well too.

(2) DRJ made the following comment | Dec 4, 2006 11:53:50 PM | Permalink

Everything on the internet seems slow to me tonight. Either my ISP is having problems or someone's trolling through cyberspace looking for trouble.

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