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Saturday, October 01, 2005

WTG Kuff

To anyone who says that the right hemisphere of the blogosphere has any sort of monopoly on well-tempered, humorous, eloquent, and intellectually honest political argument: You're badly wrong, and as proof, I refer you to Houstonian Charles Kuffner's excellent blog, Off the Kuff.

I came upon Kuff's blog almost at the same time I started blogging. He immediately gained my respect during the civil and honest debate we carried on, both here and on his blog and in our respective comments sections, during the Texas Redistricting wars. His blogging ethics are impeccable. In fact, I'd gladly claim Kuff as a role-model, for I admire his ability to combine passion, good taste, and receptivity to contrary arguments. He's prolific, but way less wordy than I am. And he thereby justifiably attracts links from other good bloggers (not limited to those left of center) and a consistently high caliber of commenters (again, not limited to those left of center).

Kuff is an all-around class act and a genuinely nice guy. It's a slight misnomer โ€” his blog's regular content includes yet also wanders far from our home city into state, national, and international matters (not limited to politics) โ€” but Charles well deserves his recent recognition by the Houston Press as Houston's "Best Local Blog" again this year. I fully concur.

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(1) Hmm made the following comment | Oct 1, 2005 7:04:12 PM | Permalink

Tom Kirkendall has by far the best local blog. He is consistently provoking and interesting.

Unless he doesn't count because he's in the Woodlands, but I'd definitely describe the Woodlands as Houston.

(2) Beldar made the following comment | Oct 2, 2005 12:26:06 PM | Permalink

Tom's blog is indeed terrific, and I'm sure he'd join me in congratulating Kuff, as Kuff would join me in congratulating Tom if his blog had been so commended.

(3) Charles Kuffner made the following comment | Oct 2, 2005 10:24:42 PM | Permalink

Thanks very much, Beldar, for the extremely kind words. I really appreciate it.

You are quite correct about Tom Kirkendall, who is an excellent blogger and a heck of a nice guy to boot. He'll be a very worthy winner of the Press award any year they choose to give it to him.

(4) Jonathan Sadow made the following comment | Oct 3, 2005 5:26:25 PM | Permalink

I'd put your blog at the top of the Houston list, Beldar, although the Press's political biases won't permit them to recognize that.

Having said that, with that restriction Off the Kuff is an excellent choice. I've known Charles Kuffner for something like 17 years, and he represents a now-rare specimen: an honest liberal. In an age where left-wing blogoshpere commentary mainly is either argument by ad hominem (see DailyKos) or intellectually dishonest (check your archives for your interactions with Josh Marshall and others), Kuff actually attempts to make reasoned arguments for his beliefs. Unlike most other lefty blogs, his is thought-provoking rather than mindless venting. Let's wish him well as he attempts to save the Democratic Party from itself.

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