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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

World Series (Central time zone)

Thank you, St. Louis, for a good series. The Cards are a classy team.

But we've been waiting the whole franchise lifetime for this one.

Way to go, 'Stros! The whole City of Houston just exhaled.

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(1) deagle made the following comment | Oct 19, 2005 11:00:49 PM | Permalink

Oh yea! Party time!! Just another S. Texan that has been waiting a very long time...

(2) Boger made the following comment | Oct 19, 2005 11:23:00 PM | Permalink

Little lesson in life there. Just keep pressing the attack! Congrats. Looking forward to a competitive series.

Bet the Pres is pumped.

(3) jt made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 12:23:22 AM | Permalink

After watching this team dominate the Phillies this year, (and last), I see a little something special in them, besides their pitching. There's a chemistry that looks "Championshiplike"
And they have that wild card thing going for them too.

Go get em Stro's.

Philly Phan.

(4) DWB made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 12:45:10 AM | Permalink

I can't tell you how relieved I am that they finally made it to the WS... especially before either Bags or Bidge retired. What a sweet, sweet moment for the city and the franchise, and what an amazing turnaround for a team that many people counted out early this season, early this postseason, and after Pujol's blast.


(5) George Turner made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 1:09:00 AM | Permalink

The Astros should withdraw from the World Series immediately, or else the Commissioner of Baseball needs to withdraw them. They have absolutely no World Series experience.

White Sox fans have waited 49 years to face a worthy opponent in the World Series, and looking at the Astro's sparce, even non-existent World Series record, I can assert that the Astros are clearly not that team. This is the first time they've even won a pennant, and the fans frankly deserve far more assurance that they can perform in the most important game in the land. Obviously they're only even up for consideration in the series because of their connections to Texas, the Bush administration, and big oil. Can you say "Enron"?

I'm sure George Will can propound on their inadequacy for the task now before them. St. Louis has put 38 players into the Baseball Hall of Fame and has won the World Series nine times, compared to the Astros six and zero. Before we continue with this sick charade, the Astros need to document, in detail, their qualifications to face Chicago, because as a conservative, I am not convinced. They've done nothing to show they possess the proper Series temperment, a fundamental understanding of the Rules of Baseball, nor do they have a record of consistent performance from the bench. Clearly, their berth was determined in haste, and it's not too late to correct the mistake before the National League fractures from such an inadequate choice. I don't care how many times the playoff system has selected an outstanding team for the World Series, I draw the line at this pick. The World Series is too important to just "trust them".

The Astros must withdraw.

(6) russ made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 2:27:55 AM | Permalink

Well dang! I was hoping for an I-55 series...

Ah well, next year...

(7) Beldar made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 2:59:08 AM | Permalink

Mr. Turner, this is very troubling. You, of course, know the name of Minute Maid Park before it acquired that corporate sponsor, don't you?

Enron Field.

I think that pretty well closes the case. Plus, I have it on good authority that employees of Halliburton were not banned from the ball park this year. And someone's trying to tell me that was a coincidence?

The only question is whether the 'Stros World Series participation should be withdrawn and the Cards allowed to replace them, or whether instead the White Sox should win through a forfeit. I'm rather in favor of the former, since the Cards have amply demonstrated that they have a comprehensive, overarching theory of interpretive base-running.

(8) George Turner made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 4:53:57 AM | Permalink

Minute Maid Park?! I demand that Congress investigate any ties between the Astros and the Florida Orange Juice Council, Anita Bryant, and further, that Congress goes over every Astros player and employee to see if they've made statements committing themselves to a position in regard to a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage!

Do the White Sox have any gay players? Might the Astrodome have to be recused as a venue in this Series? There is simply too much we don't know about the Astros to allow this team to move forward.

(9) slarrow made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 8:30:07 AM | Permalink

Congrats to your Astros, Beldar! They came out with their heads up and played hard, smart baseball after a deflating loss. Your pitchers beat our hitters, and your hitters beat our pitchers. Enjoy the World Series!

As for myself, Pujols getting the NLCS back to Busch for one last game takes some of the sting out of it. At least we didn't lose on a routine fly ball by Berkman in that terrible stadium! Oddly enough, it's better to just get beat, even if it's at home. (Although I'll be wondering all winter what would have happened if the ump had been able to see that Everett missed Molina on that tag.)

Ah, well, sometimes the breaks fall your way, sometimes they don't. Regardless, you gotta win the games, and the Astros did just that. My hat's off to them. Congratulations!

(10) DRJ made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 1:02:36 PM | Permalink

George Turner and Beldar,

You have, quite humorously, injected Harriet Miers' nomination into this Astros' thread. Perhaps you should reconsider your sarcasm after reading Patterico's latest: http://patterico.com/2005/10/20/3805/out-on-the-ledge/#comments. We would all benefit from reading Beldar's take on this, and I'm not being sarcastic when I say that. On the Miers' nomination, Beldar appears to be her primary and best defender.

(11) George Turner made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 2:48:52 PM | Permalink

Thanks DRJ!

I tried to reel Patterico back in from the ledge by mentioning Reynolds v Sims (1964), which extended the Equal Protection clause to proportional representation.

Yes, a constitutional law professor might say the two issues are unconnected, as did John Harlan in his dissent, but the majority ruled otherwise.

(12) LargeBill made the following comment | Oct 20, 2005 9:52:11 PM | Permalink

As an astute baseball fan, I need to know it Harriet is an advocate of playing by the book or is she more a disciple of Earl Weaver. To be honest I want judges who go by the book (Constitution) and managers who forego bunts and intentional walks.

(13) jb made the following comment | Oct 21, 2005 6:16:20 AM | Permalink

Mr Turner, thanks for the best insight on the Miers-Astros nexus I have read anywhere. Enron Field, indeed. Is it possible that the Miers nomination is a W suicide squeeze play? With Specter as the head of the Judiciary Committee, W knows that he can't hit a home run. What W may know that we don't is that Ms. Miers has a few tricks up her sleeve, such as an ability to deliver the goods at the Senate hearing in a way that will leave the Donks scratching their heads, the good guys smiling, and then continue to deliver as a SC Justice. A fella can hope, anyway.

(14) Eagle1 made the following comment | Oct 22, 2005 2:09:47 PM | Permalink

Best combo Astros and Miers coverage on the web.

Go "Stros!

(15) Ironman made the following comment | Oct 22, 2005 5:24:33 PM | Permalink

The Longhorns are putting a serious hurt on Texas Tech....their punter has yet to get on the field...ouch!

(16) DRJ made the following comment | Oct 25, 2005 1:14:51 PM | Permalink

Beldar, will you be at Game 3?

(17) slarrow made the following comment | Oct 27, 2005 8:32:16 AM | Permalink

Beldar, congratulations to your Astros for making the World Series. Your guys played hard to get there, and it looked like they used up all their energy to make it and just couldn't get those last few bits to get over the hump. (As a Cards fan, I know exactly what that feels like. The American League Sox swept the National League champion from the NL Central after a hard fought LCS for the second year. It's like a rerun.)

Even though I'm a fan of a rival team, I was glad to see Bagwell and Biggio finally see the World Series. They deserved it, both of them.

Congrats to your National League Champion Houston Astros, and here's hoping my Cards beat them like a drum in 2006. *wink*

(18) Dwilkers made the following comment | Oct 27, 2005 9:43:28 AM | Permalink

The Astros are a good team and a very well run organization. They are a class act all the way and we can be proud of them as fellow citizens as well as admiring what they accomplished.

I wish they had done better in the series. I am, however, satisfied with what they accomplished in the face of some pretty severe adversity.

I especially admire McLane for what he has done for Houston in getting our stadium built and running a solid sports franchise. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves.

(19) GreenMeanie made the following comment | Oct 27, 2005 10:05:07 AM | Permalink

Tough 24 hours there, Beldar?

(20) DRJ made the following comment | Oct 27, 2005 11:16:40 AM | Permalink


It is apparent from your name and comment that you are a mean person. Shame on you. Apologize or I will call your mother.

(21) George Turner made the following comment | Oct 27, 2005 1:56:11 PM | Permalink

I fear my above comment jinxed the Astros. :(

Anyway, Harriet Miers has withdrawn, some on the left are leaping for joy, and now we await the next pick.

The funniest prediction I've seen so far said

Oh s**t…it’s Ensberg…

(22) nk made the following comment | Oct 28, 2005 6:32:16 PM | Permalink

Please accept my sympathies. First the Astros and then Miers. Quite honestly, they were all good teams and we saw some very good baseball, but I would have liked to be rooting for the Cardinals in the World Series. White Sox vs. Astros was a little bit of a "who cares".

(23) DRJ made the following comment | Oct 30, 2005 8:56:23 PM | Permalink

Please come back, Beldar. Ann Althouse is discussing superprecedents here: http://althouse.blogspot.com/2005/10/luttig-and-super-stare-decisis.html#comments.
She could use your insightful comments, because you are far and away the expert on this topic.

(24) Mike made the following comment | Nov 3, 2005 2:26:46 AM | Permalink

Exactly Mr.Deagle. It,s real party time!!!

(25) made the following comment | Nov 5, 2005 9:53:12 PM | Permalink

Your defense of Harriet Miers was pathetic. I think you defended her because you think, deep down in side, that you're qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

(26) Jane made the following comment | Nov 7, 2005 7:18:10 PM | Permalink

Come back Beldar, we miss you!

(27) Bernie made the following comment | Nov 8, 2005 1:00:52 PM | Permalink

Yes, your postings are missed! This is my first blog experience and I was enjoying it. Assuming you are not incapacitated, perhaps you could post a "gone fishing til..." or some other indication as to the future of this blog. Waddya say?

(28) Bernie made the following comment | Nov 8, 2005 1:02:13 PM | Permalink

Yes, your postings are missed! This is my first blog experience and I was enjoying it. Assuming you are not incapacitated, perhaps you could post a "gone fishing til..." or some other indication as to the future of this blog. Waddya say?

(29) Dwilkers made the following comment | Nov 8, 2005 4:56:34 PM | Permalink

Ya, we miss you Beldar. Hope all is OK.

(30) Carl Pham made the following comment | Nov 9, 2005 3:12:33 PM | Permalink

Beldar, you ratfink, when you leave the room some of the light leaves with you. Brigands and charlatans start creeping out of the dark corners, and we are less sure how to smite them so they stay smitten.

Give us a break. Return. Don't make us beg. Or contemplate a Summoning spell. Those things are highly dangerous, and besides violate all kinds of local air-quality regs. Jeez alor.

(31) bookwoman made the following comment | Nov 14, 2005 12:36:23 PM | Permalink

Missing you and your words.

Hopefully not a continuation of your previous hospital experence.

(32) Richard made the following comment | Nov 19, 2005 12:28:27 PM | Permalink

Did Quag-Miers burn you out from blogging?

(33) charclax made the following comment | Nov 21, 2005 2:45:21 PM | Permalink

Please come back! I click on your link from my favorites list just hoping that I will NOT see that world series post - AGAIN. Let us at least know that you are well.

(34) El Jefe Maximo made the following comment | Nov 30, 2005 9:13:02 AM | Permalink

Hey Beldar:

Hope stuff is cool, and that you return to blogging soon.

(35) punslinger made the following comment | Dec 4, 2005 2:33:50 PM | Permalink


As an old sailor, I want to thank you for your service to our country in your blog. May God bless you. I hope that you come back. I miss you.

(36) snoopy made the following comment | Dec 6, 2005 9:53:27 AM | Permalink

A presumably reliable source indicated that Beldar is alive and well. No additional info was acquired.

(37) John made the following comment | Dec 13, 2005 8:26:22 PM | Permalink

Come back, Beldar!

(38) Bingo made the following comment | Dec 15, 2005 12:19:13 PM | Permalink

Good Lord Beldar...now the spammers have arrived.

(39) Boger made the following comment | Dec 21, 2005 11:16:30 PM | Permalink

Beldar, get back soon, old stick. I need to be rescued from the simpletons and lunatics over at the Huffington Post. God allmighty!


(40) Carl Pham made the following comment | Dec 24, 2005 7:08:00 PM | Permalink

Merry Christmas, Beldar, wherever you are. God bless you.

(41) Andrew made the following comment | Dec 24, 2005 8:22:56 PM | Permalink

Happy Holidays, Beldar!

I hope you're doing okay. There was a contest recently for best law blog, and confirmthem almost lost to you, even though you've been in suspended animation for awhile.

Come on, Alito's not so bad. I heard that Alito told the following joke. Guy visits a cemetary, sees a gravestone: "Here lies a lawyer and a good man." Guy says: "Oh no, they're cramming two per grave"!

Come on Beldar, let's have a sign of life here. Anyway, the rest of us coneheads have some mass quantities to consume. Later.

(42) Dan S made the following comment | Dec 25, 2005 7:51:19 AM | Permalink

Merry Christmas, Beldar.

Hope to see you wiriting again in 2006. And thank you for all the punditry in the past.

God bless you and yours.

(43) invernessie made the following comment | Jan 1, 2006 11:54:42 PM | Permalink

Happy New Year!

Hope to see you post again soon. Miss your insight.

(44) Laura made the following comment | Jan 5, 2006 10:39:04 AM | Permalink

Now I know something is amiss -- no orange tower in a posting.

(45) Jinnmabe made the following comment | Jan 5, 2006 1:43:56 PM | Permalink

Crap, here I come looking for a Hook 'em Horns tribute after Vince Young owned the world last night, but Beldar is not here. Beldar, we miss you (and I hope you didn't miss that game. I taped it, in case you did. Give me a call).

(46) Boger made the following comment | Jan 5, 2006 7:16:31 PM | Permalink

I have missed Beldar's sage commentary and understand from him that there have been medical issues.

Watching the game last night, which I was particularly interested in becasue of his passion, I couldn't help but think that if he was having ticker problems, God help him. And he did. (Hope he continues to do so.)

Having said that, all Longhorns need to send the young Trojan who caused the face mask penalty a gratuity.

PS. I hope the Redskins were watching!

(47) mcg made the following comment | Jan 11, 2006 8:35:50 PM | Permalink

Face mask or no, Vince Young would have pulled it out. You can count on it. It's always sad to see such a critical mistake near the end of a game, but USC's real mistake was not having a bigger lead---not that they had any way of knowing what they had wasn't enough :)

(48) Boger made the following comment | Jan 11, 2006 9:10:17 PM | Permalink

Rereading my previous post, I may have given the impression that I have heard from Beldar directly. Not at all. But believe after a major previous absence that he blogged there were medical issues. They obviously must be serious. We will keep our fingers crossed.

I was rooting for the horns. And I am a believer in Mr. Young. (Think he made the right decision to enter the draft. He can always go back and finish his degree. Certainly would have been my call.) But no way do I say lets role back the clock, scratch the face mask and do forth down from that point on the field. It was a legit penalty, but fact is a long drive is sustained by opponent mistake, not your execution.

USC too good to spot anything! Take the win and run.

(49) Carl Pham made the following comment | Jan 23, 2006 11:58:57 AM | Permalink

[ creeeeeeeeeeak ]

cough, cough

Man, this place needs a good cleaning. Look at all this dust.

Beldar? You here?

(50) TBinSTL made the following comment | Jan 30, 2006 3:40:19 AM | Permalink

If Sascha at http://www.thedissidentfrogman.com/dacha/index.html has come back to us after sooo long, I'm sure we'll have our Beldar back eventually.

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