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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Beldar on Hewitt Friday

Another transcript of me fumbling around over a long-distance telephone link, again courtesy of the indispensable Radio Blogger (Generalissimo Duane). As always, re-reading such things makes me cringe. I misspoke, for instance, in saying John Roberts didn't have the "law review experience" that others are insisting upon for SCOTUS candidates; I meant to say "post-graduate experience of publishing in law reviews," because of course Chief Justice Roberts was a student author and editor at his law school's most prestigious law journal. Then I repeated that blunder with respect to Ms. Miers, who likewise was a student law review author and editor, but has not spent her post-graduate career writing for publication in law journals in the way that law profs seeking tenure typically do.

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(1) Carol Herman made the following comment | Oct 8, 2005 2:18:02 PM | Permalink

Gee, I wonder if work habits, alone, ahead, won't make a difference on who decides to retire from the Supreme Court bench?

Since I think both Scalia and Thomas were revving up to be chosen as chief, I notice how our President manuevered this chair away from them. Cute.

He put John Roberts up to fill O'Connor's shoes. And, then he shifted gears. (Was there pretty good knowledge that Rehnquist was coming to the end? Doctors usually know the courses cancers take.)

With Roberts in the Chief's chair, what happens if he starts burning the midnight oil? Hasn't Rehnquist's court, over the years, empowered the junior clerks who work on each justice's staff?

You mean you can hold back committee discussions; where Rehnquist exercised a stop watch. And, you got to go home at 3:00 PM. Where Thomas, Souter and Stevens can't run out of Washington, DC fast enough? You know, they work from home. Rehnquist wasn't the only justice connected to the court through a fax machine.

What if there's a new standard set? Stevens is 87. Hates Washington. And, toodles back to Florida as soon as he takes his robes off after open court hearings.

I'm also amazed that the word "conservatism" has ended up meaning what religious conservatives says it does. Didn't Barry Goldwater first bring conservatism to America's attention? He wasn't swayed by religious fanatics, you know?

Sure. Reagan tried appointing Bork to the court. But he wasn't confirmed. And, this cost Reagan in his second term. That's why, sometimes, presidents' 2nd terms are referred to as "Lame Duck." It appears, now, that President Bush is anything but lame duck.

If you were in a courtroom you'd be watching what the other side was doing. How come such appraisals stop in politics?

By the way, I think our president is doing a magnificent job.

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