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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Teats on a boar hog

My apologies for the rude title. But my nomination for the single best Hurricane Rita quip goes to the Chronicle's Ken Hoffman:

And how come fuel trucks couldn't make it to Houston, but Tom DeLay and Sheila Jackson Lee had no problem getting here? The wrong bags of gas got through.

Preach it, brother! I'd a whole lot rather listen to the second assistant deputy chief fire marshall for Hedwig Village at a Hurricane Rita press conference than to any CongressCritter of either party.

The CongressCritters ought to have to wear placards around their necks โ€” or maybe better yet, those sashes, like beauty pageant contestants wear โ€” labeled with phrases like:

  • "Useless Panderer"

  • "Only Here for the Graft"

  • "Harbors Delusions of Relevance" or

  • "Do You KNOW Who I Am? (And why should anyone care right now?)"

Even granting that the feds have a role to play, it's not these feds. This is so not their show. Hie thee back to the Beltway (and I don't mean the Sam Houston Tollway), ye CongressCritters!

(Hat tip to Kevin Whited and his co-bloggers at blogHouston.net, whose skewers runneth over with crackling roasted CongressCritter meat as part of some very fine Rita coverage.)

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(1) abelard made the following comment | Sep 24, 2005 8:22:47 PM | Permalink

Members of the 4th estate, including bloggers, should band together to provide a public service by colorfully labelling congresscritters in all dispatches. For example, Sheila Jackson Lee clearly deserves the sobriquet "the stupidest woman in Congress," while Bill White's clear written sting is "Former Clinton administration official and attorney."

I heard that CongressPerson Lee (or is stupidest woman in Congress, CongressPerson Jackson-Lee) heard that 12 Brazilian soldiers were killed in action in Iraq. CongressPerson Lee remarked, I know how many is a million and a billion, but how many is brazilian?

(2) ed in texas made the following comment | Sep 26, 2005 7:47:03 AM | Permalink

How did they get into the center of things? There was a press conference, and by God, they were needed. Talk among cameraguys in Washington and Houston is that the most dangerous place you can be is between SJ Lee and a TV camera. Didja catch the close on one of the press briefs, long about Friday evening (when I quit watching)? Mayor White said he was tired of answering the same questions over again, the brief is over, and walked off. Rep Lee stared at him with 'You just turned off a press conference?' Priceless.

(3) Cameron Ford made the following comment | Dec 4, 2005 8:17:57 AM | Permalink

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