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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Stupidest thing I've read in the NYT this month

The folks at the NYT are acting like a full-bladdered male hound dog stuck in a round room:

Mr. Bush's political opponents say the president is in a box. In their view, either Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby kept the president in the dark about their actions, making them appear evasive at a time when Mr. Bush was demanding that his staff cooperate fully with the investigation, or Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby had told the president and he was not forthcoming in his public statements about his knowledge of their roles....

There is a third option, that neither Mr. Rove nor Mr. Libby considered their conversations with the journalists to have amounted to leaking or confirming the information about Ms. Wilson. In that case, they may have felt no need to inform the president, or they did inform him and he shared their view that they had done nothing wrong.

How about Option Number Four: "The President meant what he said when he said he intended to let the investigation go forward, cooperating with, but not interfering in it, and he knows he's not the prosecutor, so he has carefully stayed the hell away from the kind of quizzing/coaching of his staff that, oh, a certain recent President did with his staff members about their grand jury testimony, which led in large part to his impeachment." Since, ya know, Option Number Four is what the law requires, and doing anything else would possibly create obstruction of justice problems, or at least put Dubya and probably others in the Administration at risk of being accused of that pretty much no matter what, I think Option Number Four ought to be at least considered as a possibility.

A headline you'll never see in the NYT: "President Bush obeys law again today."

I swear there must be people at the NYT whose blood pressure is going up ten points for every day Judith Miller stays in jail — not out of concern over her, but out of the frustration that she's causing them. She needs to take pity on them and obey Judge Hogan's order, so the prosecutor and grand jury can finish up and either indict or no-bill, lest her colleagues explode with frustration. They are not at all doing a good job in the meantime of waiting.


UPDATE (Sun Jul 24 @ 10:30am): Andy McCarthy's blogging radar is so similar to mine that it's scary.

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Glad to see you back on the front lines, or as Victor Laszlo might say to Beldar:

"Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win."

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