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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bloggus interruptus

My blogging is likely to be nonexistent for the next several days because I'm starting a jury trial tomorrow morning. It's another one that I'm sort of parachuting into at the last moment, without having participated in any of the pretrial discovery and workup, so that alone would make it very challenging.

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(1) Dan S made the following comment | Aug 2, 2005 8:16:25 AM | Permalink

Break a leg, or whatever is the appropriate expression for lawyers.

(2) CERDIP made the following comment | Aug 7, 2005 4:12:46 PM | Permalink

"Chase an ambulance", maybe?


(3) DRJ made the following comment | Aug 8, 2005 9:46:36 PM | Permalink

Best wishes on a good outcome (and a good jury) in your trial.

When you have time, take a look at this article that suggests Arlen Specter and Chuck Schumer are in sync on judicial nominations: link.

Earlier this year, didn't you address Sen. Specter's (non)allegiance to Republican ideology regarding the Supreme Court? It looks like you were right.

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