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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hypothetical profiles in courage from the floor of the Senate

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) just mentioned "Profiles in Courage" while lamenting the time being spent in the Senate for debate on Dubya's political nominees. This prompts a flight of fantasy on my part.

From the Congressional Record (Neverland Edition) for Thursday, June 9, 2005:

THE PRESIDENT: The chair recognizes the Distinguished Senator from Nevada.

MR. REID: Mr. President, the Majority Leader and I had previously agreed to split between our respective parties the many hours of further debate permitted on the Senate floor for each of President Bush's judicial nominees.

However, the members of my party have unanimously decided to give up their opportunity to posture and preen for C-SPAN's cameras in an empty Senate Chamber. We will forego our right to indulge in windy rhetoric that will have no effect on the upcoming votes. We will forego the corresponding opportunity to parade video clips and transcripts of those speeches to the left-leaning special interest groups who support our re-election campaigns.

We therefore cede back to the Senate all of the unused time allocated to members of our party for further floor debate of these nominees, and ask for unanimous consent that the up-or-down votes be taken immediately and without further ado, so we can get on to other pressing matters of national interest.

THE PRESIDENT: Without objection, so ordered.

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