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Monday, February 21, 2005

Needs no snarky commentary

From a transcript on the White House website of press questioning today during Dubya's Excellent European Adventure:

President and President Chirac Discuss Common Values, Vision
Ambassador's Residence
United States Embassy
Brussels, Belgium

7:13 P.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT BUSH: It's my honor to be joining Jacques Chirac for dinner. I thank you for coming, sir. I've really been looking forward to this moment....

Q: The first question to President Chirac. You have said, sir, yourself, that relations have always been excellent between France and the United States. We get the sense that in recent weeks they have become even better. They have become warmer and that there's a veritable new honeymoon, as it were, taking place.

And to you, President Bush, may I ask the following question: If, indeed, relations have improved, if certainly they are better between France and the United States, are they good enough as yet for that to warrant an invitation to President Chirac to go to the United States, or even to your ranch? (Laughter.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: I'm looking for a good cowboy. (Laughter.)

(Hat-tip to K-Lo on The Corner.)

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(1) Bill M made the following comment | Feb 21, 2005 10:03:47 PM | Permalink

Of course, the question is, "Has he found one?"

Sounds like a little jab at Chirac, and to me can be read two ways: I've found one in ole Jacques, embarassing the hell out of him; or, Still lookin'.

Either one appears to be a slice-and-dice of Chirac.

(2) Boger made the following comment | Feb 21, 2005 10:18:45 PM | Permalink

Well, I approved and chuckled. An example of George's bonhomie and not taking himself too seriously, ie taking offense at the cowboy jabs he has been the butt of. I doubt the supercilious, dithering europeans will appreciate it. On the news tonight I listened to a talking head explaining that we can't deal with Europe on the basis of NATO anymore, but must approach them as the European Union. Is this the EU that was so decisive and resolute in dealing with Kosovo and Milosevic 6 years ago? History has taught them nothing.

(3) ed made the following comment | Feb 22, 2005 12:54:24 AM | Permalink


Frankly it's a serious mistake for the EU to abandon NATO, even though they are being driven to do so by politics. There's a great deal of remaining good-will invested in NATO by Americans, that will not automatically be transferred to any replacement EU organization. Additionally NATO receives a great deal of financial support from America, that won't be forthcoming to a replacement EU organization.

It's most definitely a mistake, but one they cannot avoid making. The EUcrats are trapped within a maze of logic.

(4) Carlos made the following comment | Feb 22, 2005 9:45:39 AM | Permalink

Bush is rounding up the posse. There is still work to be done.

(5) Dave Schuler made the following comment | Feb 22, 2005 10:33:36 AM | Permalink

My advice: keep looking.

(6) SemiPundit made the following comment | Feb 22, 2005 3:09:21 PM | Permalink

What Bush needs is a good carpenter.

Has anybody but me noticed the shabby old building with boards missing that they make the news reporters stand in front of?

(7) Juan made the following comment | Feb 25, 2005 2:29:52 AM | Permalink

Chirac is irrelevant.

He will soon be history.

Nicolas Sarkozy is the next "Frenchman" President Bush will have to deal with. Sarkozy is a pragmatist and realist. Normal relations with the US will be restored, the groundwork is already being laid.

(8) SemiPundit made the following comment | Feb 25, 2005 9:37:06 AM | Permalink

What about the relevancy of the French people?

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