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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Boot scores

It's not often that I read an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times and conclude that I agree with every word — the substance, the tone, the historical and social perspectives, everything. But Max Boot's op-ed today, titled "George Bush Talks Big, and He Delivers," exactly nails it on Bush's foreign policy.  Key lines (but read the whole thing, registration req'd):

There is no doubt that Bush has made plenty of mistakes.

The mistake he has not made, however, is the most important of all: He has not lost his nerve.

(Hat-tip InstaPundit.)

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(1) Al made the following comment | Feb 3, 2005 2:56:54 PM | Permalink

The most amazing thing is how the Democratic leadership keeps insisting on holding the position _most_ vulnerable to his next attack.

D="Why don't you criticize Saudi Arabia or Egypt" B=Ok, you two could be leading this revolution, but you need to shape up.

"Spending responsibility! Spending Responsibility!" Well, how about I do some spending responsibility, any non-hypocritical opposition?

You'd think that after four years of repeating exactly this same strategy on _everything_ (Go to the UN! Go to Congress! More spending on military! Afghan elections faster! Iraqi elections faster! ) someone would have to get a clue.

I'm an engineer, not an economist, but I think I could make a decent stab at the math of Social Security reform. The pieces I'd be missing are real concrete examples as opposed to choosing a hypothetical example "Joe makes $30,000 a year.." and carrying out the math on that.

(2) Xrlq made the following comment | Feb 3, 2005 4:50:36 PM | Permalink

Don't get too excited about the Dog Trainer. Max Boot is their token conservative.

(3) Wallace-Midland Texas made the following comment | Feb 4, 2005 10:12:47 AM | Permalink

He has not lost his nerve

He was raised in Midland....home of nerves of steel!

(4) George made the following comment | Feb 5, 2005 9:13:11 PM | Permalink

Two thumbs up!

(5) SemiPundit made the following comment | Feb 7, 2005 9:54:42 AM | Permalink

Just as we should not mistake characteristics like expertise for creativity, we should likewise not mistake dogmatic blundering for nerve. Someday, when they meet, Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover will thank Mr. Bush.

(6) triticale made the following comment | Feb 20, 2005 8:53:41 AM | Permalink

Has there ever been a U.S. President before GWB who has accomplished so much good thru dogmatic blundering? Surely that alone is enough to assure his place in history.

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