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Monday, February 14, 2005

Bill Clinton's Grammy award

On NRO's The Corner, Tim Graham has this to say about Bill Clinton winning a Grammy Award last night in the "Best Spoken Album" category for Mr. Clinton's recording of his autobiography, "My Life":

[C]an we all agree that giving Bill Clinton another Grammy is just liberal pandering? Do we really believe Clinton's My Life deserves a Best Spoken Word Grammy for Clinton's narration? Or even less believably, for the book's content? (It's probably dangerous to drive and listen to sentences like "I flew from South Korea to Tokyo, where Prime Minister Hashimoto and I issued a declaration designed to reaffirm and modernize our security relationship...") I somehow can't imagine the music elite handing out a Grammy to Ronald Reagan, but when you see this is the third Grammy for the Clinton family, you know someone's just playing kissy-face.

I respectfully disagree. One hundred years from now, Ronald Reagan will be remembered as a successful President, popular despite his willingness to take unpopular positions, who won the Cold War and saved the Free World (and was also a former actor). But Bill Clinton will be remembered as an undistinguished President, popular because he was a panderer and triangulator, who saved his butt from conviction in the Senate after impeachment in the House (and was also a media "rock star").

So Grammy Awards for the Clintons seem altogether appropriate to me. I predict that one day in the not too distant future, in hopes that it may compete more aggressively for sagging ratings from a jaded public, we'll see a combined "People's Choice/Golden Globes/Oscar/Grammy/Tony/Nobel Prize" awards program, jointly hosted from Hollywood, the U.N. Building, and Stockholm, with Bill Clinton as the overall Master of Ceremonies (and top award winner). It will lose in that night's ratings battle, however, to "Apprentice American Idolater, the Fearful Survivor."

As a trial lawyer with experience in products liability cases, however, I certainly agree with Mr. Graham's implicit suggestion that Mr. Clinton's tapes and CDs of his book ought to bear "driving/operating heavy equipment" warning labels. Fortunately, since I'm unaware of any instance in which the performer's overinflated ego has caused a tape or CD player to explode violently โ€” electronics designers perhaps having prudently anticipated and engineered against that obvious risk? โ€” I think that additional hazard is so remote that it likely need not be warned about.

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(1) Kent made the following comment | Feb 14, 2005 1:07:16 PM | Permalink

I have to disagree with you on this one, Beldar. I'm pretty sure that any contact with one of Clinton's tapes or CDs would cause my B.S. meter to begin emitting copious quantities of smoke.

(2) Ryan Scott made the following comment | Feb 14, 2005 1:33:49 PM | Permalink

This just goes to show that "Awards" do not live up to their supposed billing. Clinton with a Grammy and Arafat with a Nobel Peace Prize and the Passion of the Christ without a nomination for Movie of the year. Hollywood and other liberal thought groups (Nobel, UN) aren't interested in true awards, just whatever their "feelings" bring them to, which inevitably is immorality..

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