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Friday, November 12, 2004

CBS' apologies and efforts to make amends

Commendably, Glenn Reynolds is using both his MSNBC column and InstaPundit to keep the heat on CBS News to complete and announce the results of its long-silent investigation of Rathergate. Meantime, he and PunditGuy note that CBS has apologized for preempting the closing minutes of a recent episode of "CSI:NY" with the news of Yasser Arafat's startling death. According to Reuters,

CBS, owned by Viacom Inc., said it has scheduled a repeat of the episode for Friday so viewers who missed the ending can see the entire broadcast.

I suppose that's one way of making amends. Which leads one to wonder:  Will CBS interrupt its regular programming with the results of the Rathergate investigation?  I bet there would be huge ratings for a live, exclusive telecast of Dan Rather cleaning out his desk, trudging with an armload of boxes down through the hallways and elevators of Black Rock, and trying to hail a cab.  (Work in some special effects — something like that trucks-and-cold-gutter-slush scene from the new "Bridget Jones" movie promos ... yeah, that's the ticket!)

And while we're on the general subject of "fake but accurate":  Shouldn't the crack CSI:NY forensic team — which clearly outranks CBS News in Viacom's pecking order — be assigned to figure out Arafat's mysterious cause of death?

Or better yet — shouldn't they be dispatched to help Dick Thornburgh and Louis D. Boccardi get to the bottom of Rathergate? Lots of us are hoping that that particular "episode" will ultimately involve a whole series of [career] fatalities — even though the political candidacy it was designed by its culprits to slay survived and fully recovered.  And those guys are pros — they get every case solved by the closing credits, within the hour.  Messrs. Thornburgh and Boccardi, by contrast, seem to be having problems meeting their announced schedule.

In fact, I think they ought to make this a joint effort — Thornburgh and Boccardi should be joined by the full teams from CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, and CSI:Las Vegas. (Have I left any out? Is there a "CSI:Abilene"?) Otherwise, this might end up being solved on "Cold Case," which would be a genuine miscarriage of justice.

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(1) OhMike made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 1:34:30 PM | Permalink

Never mind "Bridget Jones." What Rather needs is a re-creation of the opening scenes and theme music from the old show, "Branded." They should put that on TV.

I work a few blocks from Rather, and I would gladly volunteer (heck, I'd PAY) to go down there and cut off Dan's epaulets and brass buttons, and chase him out of town. Instead of riding off on a mule, maybe Dan can put the spurs to Mary Mapes.

Oh, yeah, I forgot. Maybe that won't work. The character in "Branded" was innocent. And we know Rather's as innocent as the biggest earner in a Laredo cathouse.

(2) F. Rottles made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 2:23:02 PM | Permalink

The New York Times article [linked in Beldar's post] the following about the dying daze of the father of modern suicide-killers: Islamic scholars have generally prohibited the discontinuation of life support machines, since the Koran advises, "Don't throw yourself into death."


A metaphor for the Palestinian people perhaps.

(3) leelu made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 3:49:21 PM | Permalink

Glad to see that C-BS has managed to keep their priorities straight in all of this.


(4) Paul H. made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 3:59:18 PM | Permalink

Keep asking about the CBS investigation, Beldar, since MSM coverage has vanished like a "will o' the wisp".

Ditto for the MSM interest in the 377 tons of "missing" explosives -- amazing how fast that too dropped off the media's radar screen. I would like to know what the final outcome is determined to be for that as well (though unlike Rathergate, it's probably going to be ultimately unprovable as to whether this was a "real" occurrence or just a hyped story line).

(5) austin mls made the following comment | Nov 13, 2004 4:42:20 AM | Permalink

Despite Reynolds focus, I have a feeling this is effectively swept under the rug by CBS.

(6) leelu made the following comment | Nov 13, 2004 11:22:19 AM | Permalink

I *told* you they had their priorities straight - "Don't f**k with the revenue streams.

Drudge links to this...


Dan looks safe for the foreseeable future.

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