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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blogospheric snapshot, from center- to far-left

A predictable continuum:

GraciousAndrew Sullivan:

IT'S OVER: President Bush is narrowly re-elected. It was a wild day with the biggest black eyes for exit pollsters. I wanted Kerry to win. I believed he'd be more able to unite the country at home, more fiscally conservative, more socially inclusive, and better able to rally the world in a more focused war on terror. I still do. But a slim majority of Americans disagreed. And I'm a big believer in the deep wisdom of the American people. They voted in huge numbers, and they made a judgment. Not a huge and decisive victory by any means. But at least a victory that is unlikely to be challenged. The president and his aides deserve congratulations. And so, I think, does Senator Kerry, whose campaign exceeded the low expectations of many of us.

FOR NOW: But the most fundamental fact of this campaign - and one of the reasons it has been so bitter - is that we are at war. Our opponents at home are not our enemies. The real enemy is the Jihadist terror network that, even now, is murdering innocents and coalition soldiers in Iraq. Our job now - all of us - is to support this president in that war, to back those troops, and to pray for victory. We saw yesterday, in the cold-blooded murder of a Dutch film-maker for his open criticism of Islamist misogyny, that the enemy is still at large; and aiming directly at our freedoms and security. In Fallujah, our troops are poised for a vital battle against terrorists and theocrats intent on derailing a free future for Iraq. Democracy is on the line there and throughout the world. I've been more than a little frustrated by the president's handling of this war in the past year; but we have to draw a line under that now. The past is the past. And George W. Bush is our president. He deserves a fresh start, a chance to prove himself again, and the constructive criticism of those of us who decided to back his opponent. He needs our prayers and our support for the enormous tasks still ahead of him. He has mine. Unequivocally.

RealisticKevin Drum:

In other words, it doesn't look like the provisional ballots are going to save Kerry. I know that conclusion won't be popular with my readers, but that's the way I see it. We'll know more by Wednesday morning.

Sullenly silent so farJoshua Micah Marshall.

Predictably vulgar, deluded, and gracelessMarkos Moulitsas Zúniga a/k/a Kos.  I'm not going to debase my blog by quoting his filthy rant, and only offer the link for those seeking schadenfreude.

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(1) Geek, Esq. made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 3:47:27 AM | Permalink

I want to congratulate Beldar and the other Bush supporters.

Tonight was not merely a victory--it was a resounding mandate.

With all of the talks about Iraq and WMD's, Osama, the Swiftvets, etc, one basic, undeniable point got lost:

At its core, the US is a culturally conservative, Republican, Christian nation.

There are Bush opponents who still are claiming that Bush stole this. They are damn fools. Bush destroyed not only John Kerry, but the entire "progressive" movement.

Kerry ought to concede. Now.

On a national basis, the Democratic party and liberalism are over--at least for the rest of my lifetime. We are looking at a permanent Republican majority.

(2) PC made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 4:14:10 AM | Permalink

Well said Geek. You're offered stimulating dissent on this blog, always civil.

I suspect maybe the "Geek" might be a little tongue in cheek as you sound like a guy who's played a few sports in your life. That is, when the game is over, it's over. Time to shake the other guy's hand.

Then prepare for the next game.

(3) Geek, Esq. made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 4:45:09 AM | Permalink

No, I'm really a Geek. It's mainly a reference to my love of all things Tolkien.

I do play sports, but being far from a gifted athlete, I am very familiar with how to conduct onself after an ass-kicking. And blaming Diebold was not the way to go about it.

(4) jeff made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 4:49:16 AM | Permalink

Sullivan: gracious, or opportunist?

(5) Geek, Esq. made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 4:56:14 AM | Permalink

Sullivan is like one of those people on Survivor that tries to form an alliance with everyone, and winds up being the first one voted off.

(6) The Raving Atheist made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 5:28:43 AM | Permalink

This doesn't mean they're going to stop the Swift Boat ads, does it? And when are you going to give a full review of Tour of Duty?

(7) David Blue made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 6:38:49 AM | Permalink

A respectful tip of the hat to you, Geek, Esq..

Congratulations to America, and goodwill to Americans. Especially to the gracious.

(8) SemiPundit made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 7:33:37 AM | Permalink

Geek, Esq.:

You said "damn".

You may want to think about cleaning up your language in preparation for the years ahead.

(9) Chads made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 7:52:07 AM | Permalink


The amazing thing is, that without all the MSM tampering, the U.S. is even more conservative than the Presedential election shows. The Gay Marriage Bans passed HUGE in most states. If the MSM had even a tinge of honesty and impartiality Bush would have over 60% of the popular vote.


(10) Bert made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 8:35:52 AM | Permalink

Kerry should concede and then sign the Form 180 so we can see "the rest of the story"!

(11) The Old Coot made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 10:43:04 AM | Permalink

The snake is still a senator and will continue his jihad from that platform. We must drive a metaphorical stake through his heart by continuing to demand that he release all of his military records. The Swifties will not give up on this and need our support.

(12) brandon davis made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 11:15:02 AM | Permalink

Andrew Sullivan has - again - misspoke.

Bush won with a resounding majority, and the largest number of popular votes cast for ANY president, ever (even RR).

Even Clinton didn't win with an absolute majority of the popular vote. Few presidents have in the last 20 years.

Bush did.

No ...Andy is wrong, again.

(13) B52vet made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 12:40:12 PM | Permalink

As a student of history, I am gratified to live in such momentous times. This election bore many resemblances to 1864 right down to the result, just as Bush's first term had many parallels to Lincoln's. Leaders of consequence are always polarizing figures, particularly those who have tough decisions thrust upon them after a close initial election (again, see Lincoln). Thank God the majority of voters had the wisdom to see through all the media nonsense, just as in 1864. History will look kindly upon President Bush long after his detractors are forgotten.

(14) Greg D made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 1:53:09 PM | Permalink

I love schadenfreude. Thanks for the link. :-)

Geek, I'd like ot think you are right. But I'm not ready to bet on it.

(15) Tim (Random Observations) made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 1:59:49 PM | Permalink

Not interested in schadenfreunde, but was curious how he'd take it. Looks like the rant has disappeared. What, approximately, did it say? Just swearing at his enemies or what?

(16) Beldar made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 2:08:41 PM | Permalink

Tim, I mistakenly linked to a category archive rather than Kos' specific post (which I've now fixed). Probably by Kos' standards, this wasn't much of a rant; I don't read him often enough to judge.

(17) ariana made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 6:05:55 PM | Permalink

Note to Bender,
Please pardon the long website addresses. I will seek instruction on making a hyperlinks before posting any future links. However, I took the risk that you might be interested in these interesting reactions.

Comments one avoids when attempting to “Lose with Dignity” or the “Poor Loser” Responses ”: link

(Comments made on the Bush Victory at Kevin Drum’s Blog):

‘Unfortunately we have to wait for the older generation of homo-haters to die off a bit more."………… Why wait??? I say we start hanging these GOP fascists from lamp-posts (its called revolution people!) link

“Screw concession. The Democrats need to start acting like a true opposition party. Playing nice has been a disaster.” Posted by: Daverz on November 3, 2004 at 4:26 AM | link (Daverz has an odd definition of vandalism and violence )

“Is there any way New York (and perhaps all of New England minus New Hampshire) can secede from the Union? ……………No, what helped Bush is that a sizable number of Americans are morons.” Posted by: Felix Deutsch on November 3, 2004 at 1:15 PM link

“Sad but true, another election won by anti-intellectualism and bigotry.”
Posted by: Evan on November 3, 2004 at 12:46 PM | link

My favorite “Whining Anarchist” Post-Election Poster:

with a dandy comment enclosed: “I look at the big map and all of the red in flyover country and I feel like I've been locked in a room with the slow learners. We have become the country that pulls a dry cleaning bag over its head to play astronaut.”

However, Mr. Drum attracts rational bloggers too: (What a shock, she’s not a Kerry supporter) An important post which stated some truths that many Kerry supporters should have known:
“Wow - looking at all the vitriole towards the Bush supporters - "anti-intellectuals", "bigots" etc etc. - those great unwashed masses of human beings - rural, christian, middle class etc - these idiots can't be my neighbors can they? And you call yourselves the Democratic party? While Soros the billionaire funds your "grass-roots" movements and your candidates are wined and dined by the Hollywood crowd and the New York socialites. Take a good hard look in the mirror at yourselves is all I can say and when you start acting like the party of the common people you just might have a chance. In the meantime listen to yourselves - you can barely hide your utter DISDAIN for the common man. THAT is what America is hearing loud and clear my friends! And why do we need it from you when we can get it from the French any day of the week? Posted by: Caroline on November 3, 2004 at 1:05 PM link

(18) Jim Rockford made the following comment | Nov 3, 2004 7:47:45 PM | Permalink

True story ... in 1992 Bill Clinton spoke in Southern California at a rally I attended. The mostly working class Latino audience ate him up. Hung on every word. Loved him.

This morning my Dad's hospital aide, a working class immigrant Latino, said she was glad that Bush won "to fight the terrorists."

That I think says it all wrt Kerry's connection to working class people, despite or because of his Kennedy-esque "noblesse oblige." The *original* JFK I think was enormously destructive to the Democratic Party, setting the tone for wealthy, elite Northeastern Liberals that just doesn't work today.

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