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Friday, November 12, 2004

Another misleading Reuters headline

"Arafat Makes Final Journey Home to West Bank," reads the headline. But as I understand his religion, or my own, it's merely the shell of the man once known as "Yassar Arafat" which has made that journey. That which made him a man had already completed its journey to face the judgment of Allah or God.  The process of judgment for him must have been an awe-full and awful one — quite dissimilar to Arafat's earthbound funeral proceedings (which, as I heard them just now in a tape-recorded BBC reporter's piece on NPR, involved lots of mob screaming and gunfire into the air).

I suppose Reuters should be commended for managing to avoid use of internal scare quotes in this direct quote:

Palestinians named a collective leadership comprised mainly of veteran moderates in Arafat's circle, reviving world hopes of a return to peacemaking that Israel had ruled out as long as the man it called "a master terrorist" was in charge.

World hopes indeed, in which I certainly share: May the next funeral of a Palestinian leader, whenever it comes, be characterized by calmer reflection on the career of a genuine  peacemaker, someone who's shown the courage to stand up against violence and terrorism, and to seize the peace and the statehood that's there for the taking, if only hatred can be sufficiently subdued.

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(1) e m butler made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 1:13:09 PM | Permalink

isnt home egypt??

(2) SteveoBrien made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 6:48:58 PM | Permalink

Given Reuter's difficulty in an accurate perception of the natural world , why should we be surpised at their lack of understanding of a spiritual one? Wouldn't they likely have more difficulty in the latter case?

(3) tedv made the following comment | Nov 12, 2004 7:51:22 PM | Permalink

Reuters adopts Homer's point of view: Achilles' anger "cast many souls of heroes into Hades while they themselves became a feast for dogs and a banquet for vultures" Also Aquinas somewhere wrote "I am not my soul, for I can do many things my soul cannot do." Islam, like Christianity believes in the resurrection of the body. After that happen, what was buried in Ramallah will be Arafat again. So why isn't it Arafat now?

(4) Luis Hernandez made the following comment | Nov 19, 2004 2:35:41 AM | Permalink

Easy does it. Reuters posted a base headline with a byline that could easily be absorbed by most readers andpicked up by other "news" agencies. Indeed, AP's base headline reads pretty much the same. Nothing to get exercised about.

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