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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Thanks, Mr. Kopel and Mr. Geraghty, for the recognition

In addition to crediting blogger Bill of "INDC Journal, Snopes.com, and two anti-draft websites with intellectual integrity," Dave Kopel's latest Rocky Mountain News column, entitled "CBS peddling bogus draft fears," was kind enough to reference my earlier posts (here, here, and here) on CBS News' broadcasts fanning the draft fear flames, and Mr. Kopel cross-referenced his column on NRO's The Corner.  Thank you, sir, for the reference, and for helping spotlight CBS News' mischief and the bulk of the mainstream media's failure to call them on it!

Update (Sun Oct 10 @ 10:00pm): Jim Geraghty, who blogs The Kerry Spot for National Review Online, was also kind enough to mention me and Bill from INDC Journal in his column on the CBS News draft rumor-mongering in the print and digital versions of the October 25th issue of the National Review (a/k/a the NRODT or "National Review on Dead Trees" as it's called in the much more hip online version).  Thank you, sir!  (I've revised the title of this post to add Mr. Geraghty's name.)

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