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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thanks and apologies

I continue to be amazed at the traffic my blog has generated in August, September, and October, and simply want to thank those of you who've stopped by — including those who have expressed disagreeing opinions in my comments sections.  Thanks, too, to the bloggers who've linked to various of my posts!

Finally, my apologies to folks whose emails and comments I haven't replied to individually.  I'm whacking at the stack of unread emails, and promise to give each email and comment at least a skim, but I genuinely regret that I probably won't be able to answer all of them.

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(1) Mumblix Grumph made the following comment | Oct 21, 2004 12:06:28 AM | Permalink

I just found your blog yesterday, and I'm already hooked! As for the unread e-mails and comments, it's the paradox of blogging, you tend to get crushed by your own success. Don't worry about it, most people don't really expect a reply, but thanks for letting us know that it isn't something we said. :)

(2) Mark made the following comment | Oct 21, 2004 3:49:21 PM | Permalink

And thank you for taking the time to "BLOG". I've been reading & enjoying it since I came in on a link concerning the "Swifties", Keep up the good work!!!

(3) David Blue made the following comment | Oct 22, 2004 12:32:42 AM | Permalink

And thank you for outstanding blogging.

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