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Sunday, October 31, 2004

PA Gov. Ed Rendell suffers psychotic delusions on Fox News

This is a perfect example of the foolish argument that was the subject of my post yesterday entitled "An argument with which I have no patience, from fools I will not suffer gladly: 'We're making more terrorists!'" — except it's worse, because it takes the argument one step further to assert that it's specifically George W. Bush who's responsible for terrorism:

A new videotape message from terror mastermind Osama bin Laden was meant to help President Bush win re-election, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Sunday.

"It's obvious to me that bin Laden is trying to help George Bush, because George Bush is the best recruiter that al-Qaida has," Rendell told "Fox News Sunday."

"George Bush is so disliked in the Arab world that we're creating terrorists every single day — more terrorists than we can even come close to killing," the Democrat said.

"More terrorists than we can even come close to killing"?  The last I heard, despite Sen. Kerry's vote against the $87 billion appropriation, our troops haven't run short of ammunition. 

Governor Rendell, your worldview may be divided into two portions — pro-Bush and anti-Bush — but that ain't what's motivating the radical Islamic extremists.  They're genuinely omnipartisan in their hatred of all things American. 

Fox News host Chris Wallace should have whipped out a Nerf bat and whacked Gov. Rendell in the ear.  But of course, he couldn't do that.  Mr. Wallace had to pretend that Gov. Rendell isn't a barking-mad moonbat; Mr. Wallace's job requires him to suffer fools graciously, if not gladly.  Gov. Rendell, after all, is a respected leader of the Democratic Party and a key advisor to its presidential nominee.

Can anyone imagine a prominent Republican governor and Dewey adviser saying on Halloween 1944,  with utter seriousness, "Franklin Roosevelt is the best recruiter that the Nazis have"?  I can't.  That would have been political suicide; such a hypothetical governor in 1944 would have been run out of office within hours, his political career ended. 

But I'm delighted to see from Google News that Gov. Rendell's statement, as quoted above by AP, is being picked up and widely republished in Pennsylvania's newspaper and TV station websites.  American voters — in Pennsylvania and elsewhere — aren't obliged to suffer fools gladly, or at all.

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(1) Paul H. made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 4:13:05 PM | Permalink

I had a good impression of Rendell from what little I'd seen of him on TV. So I was astonished to hear about his playing "hardball" with the PA military absentee votes from overseas (initially refusing to extend the deadline to get them back in time to be counted). Even with his begrudging extension (1 week?) many will still probably arrive too late.

Count this as a "confirming round" for my revised estimate of him; he's just another strident extreme Dem partisan. So I'll echo the hope of many expressed on TV, and pray for this election to be a clear victory in PA (I hope for Bush, but in any event for whoever wins).

(2) The Raving Atheist made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 4:41:54 PM | Permalink

No love for Rendell here, but he's not necessarily wrong about who Bin Laden may subjectively want to win. Bin Laden probably thinks his best chance for a showdown between the West and Islam is a Bush's re-election. He's just wrong about who would win the showdown.

(3) Eaglespeak made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 5:16:54 PM | Permalink

I note that Roger L. Simon says New York Post reports that on the recent OBL unshown tape parts "bin Laden bemoans the recent democratic elections in Afghanistan and the lack of violence involved with it. On the tape, bin Laden also says his terror organization has been hurt by the U.S. military's unrelenting manhunt for him and his cohorts on the Afghan-Pakistani border."

Doesn't this effectively negate Rendell's outrageous statements?

(4) Terry Gain made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 6:43:00 PM | Permalink

Perhaps Rendell could explain why, if bin Laden wants Bush elected, he repeated the talking points of the spiritual leader of the Democratic party.And not one word about throwing away medals (or was it ribbons)or false allegations about Vietnam atrocities.I'm only surprised OBL didn't mention the outsourcing at Tora Bora.

Clearly bin Laden favors Kerry as even a doddering Walter Cronkite grasped. OBL understands its a choice between the certainty of Bush's resolve and the uncertainty of Kerry (the master of flip flops.)

(5) Birkel made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 8:33:57 PM | Permalink

If I take Gov. Rendell's point seriously he must be able to answer the following questions:

1) How many terrorists were there on 9-11?

2) How many were they adding per day (or some other quantity of time) on 9-11?

3) How many have our troops killed? Or by other countries?

4) How many have left terrorist organizations due to Q3 and their fear of being moved into the category known as Q3?

5) How many have been arrested in the US? In other countries?

6) How many new recruits do the terrorists add per day (or some other quantity of time) now?

If he cannot answer these six questions, he has no basis upon which to base his assinine statement. And that goes for all the LLL moonbats out there.

(6) Terry Gain made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 9:16:32 PM | Permalink

Power Line has new information from MEMRI which cinches the argument that OBL was campaigning for Kerry.

"Any U.S. state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security."

The Islamist website Al-Qal'a explained what this sentence meant: "This message was a warning to every U.S. state separately. When he [Osama Bin Laden] said, 'Every state will be determining its own security, and will be responsible for its choice,' it means that any U.S. state that will choose to vote for the white thug Bush as president has chosen to fight us, and we will consider it our enemy, and any state that will vote against Bush has chosen to make peace with us, and we will not characterize it as an enemy.

Unfortunately this too will be buried by MSM.

(7) John Schedler made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 9:34:10 PM | Permalink

Speaking as a trial lawyer, as you define the term (yeah, we have 'em up here in WA, too):

well, truly, & righteously said.

(8) Ron made the following comment | Oct 31, 2004 11:47:26 PM | Permalink

I read today, after reading about Rendell's foot dragging over GI absentee ballots, how Dem workers were caught coming out of a maximum security prison with absentee ballots. I think it was a Rep. congressman (Wendell) that caught them in the act. But that's OK, they're Democrats.

Insofar as the DNC talking point created by Terry McAuliffe, Rendell obviously can't answer any questions as to what he asserted about Bush. We would be challenging his patriotism! To me the whole argument the moonbats make about Bush creating terrorists boils down to a chicken or egg argument. Are more terrorists really being created as a result of the Bush Doctrine or were they already there and Bush has pulled back curtain #3 to reveal them?

(9) Steve L. made the following comment | Nov 1, 2004 9:12:28 AM | Permalink

Rendell is a loon and always has been. That's why he used to be the head of the DNC. People seem to foget that he was one of the major players in Gore's 2000 folly. He was out there every day screaming about "counting every ballot" and stealing the election." This doesn't surprse me any more than Cronkite saying that Karl Rove arranged the video in the first place.

Freaking moonbats.

(10) J_Crater made the following comment | Nov 1, 2004 10:25:14 PM | Permalink

"Eddie" has always been a political hack.
Please don't confuse his pure political calculus with being loony.
Maybe that is a bit too generous.

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