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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Best line I've heard today

But the Yankees, who won the first three games in the series before going to lose four straight, had more runs in the series (45-41), which means the Sox may have a pennant, but they lack a mandate.

— James Taranto, writing, one presumes, from New York, in today's Best of the Web.

Congrats to the BoSox on an incredibly gutsy performance.  Here's hoping for a Sox-'Stros Series.

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(1) Joshua Chamberlain made the following comment | Oct 21, 2004 4:21:11 PM | Permalink

Hmm, a team from Texas and a team from Massachusetts. Sound familiar? Guess who I'll be rooting for.

(2) Ralph made the following comment | Oct 21, 2004 6:10:35 PM | Permalink

I recall several articles here on appealate matters. Here is what it seems to me is happening on this provisional ballot matter. State Law in about 30 states requires that if a provisional vote has to count it must be cast in the precinct in which the voter is registered. That is the law in MO, MI, OH and Fl.

Well Federal judges in MO and FL have upheld that. Both the 8th circuit (MO) and 11th circuit (Fl) have republican majorities that tend uphold these type of conservative rulings.

The bug in the soup is that Clinton appointed Federal Judges in OH and MI have overturned state law and required that provisional ballots be counted if they are cast anywhere within the county where they are cast as opposed to the same precinct. So unless the 6th circuit court of appeals (evenly split between democratic and republican appointees) overturns these two judges. There will be a split as to how provisional ballots are counted state to state.

This concerns me for one thing that ballots be counted two ways because after the election people could go to court and try to get ballots counted in such a way that might favor one candidate or another.

Any Thoughts

(3) William Teach made the following comment | Oct 22, 2004 6:26:08 AM | Permalink

looks like someone was plagerizing the Opinion journal article: Final Score 45-41. Is it true that Al Gore is claiming that the Yankees really won the American League Championship Series? After all, the Yankees outscored the Red Sox over all seven games.
William Lynch



(4) renegade mailman made the following comment | Oct 23, 2004 8:31:07 PM | Permalink

all self respecting yankee fans you can exert your pound of flesh come nov 2, yes send the chowd packing remember w threw off the mound threw a strike, kerry threw from the even in front of the base of the mound,still came up 3 feet short,and once again who did he blame, of course the soldier he thew to.

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