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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Vietnam Vets for Truth Rally in DC on live now on C-SPAN (with internet streaming video)

Not interested in early NFL football?

The Vietnam Vets for the Truth rally in Washington is on C-SPAN live now, and can be viewed or listened to via internet streaming video.  Click on the LIVE link at the top left of the listing at the page I've linked, then on the next page, choose your player in the right side column to open the stream.

(Note:  There may be some common members โ€” John O'Neill's speaking now, for instance โ€” and there definitely are a lot of common supporters and sentiment, but this isn't a SwiftVets operation per se.  I've nonetheless coded it for my Swiftvets vs. Kerry archive, which also includes a fair number of other posts of Kerry's war record and antiwar activism that don't directly relate to the SwiftVets.)

Update (Sun Sep 12 @ 3:40pm):  Steve Pitkin just finished telling of how Sen. Kerry and others pressured him into giving made-up testimony about war crimes for the Winter Soldier farce in 1971.  He spoke with tears streaming down his face (and my eyes are not dry as I write this).  He came, he said, to tell the crowd the truth about what happened, and to apologize for what he did.  And he ended by shouting, "Lieutenant Kerry, now it's your turn!"  (I'll write more later about Mr. Pitkin, whose affidavit I first saw a few days ago, in a new post later tonight or tomorrow.)

Update (Sun Sep 12 @ 8:18pm):  Deacon at Power Line has more on the rally.

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(1) Dan S made the following comment | Sep 12, 2004 7:45:30 PM | Permalink

I attended.

My rally post.

(2) Kathy made the following comment | Sep 12, 2004 8:38:08 PM | Permalink

Mr.Pitkin touched my heart.

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