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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Still more from Dr. Newcomer

While I was driving my daughter Molly (age 9) to school this morning, she explained to me the difference between nerds and geeks.  Nerds, she told me, are really smart and funny, but geeks are smart and social outcasts (even among nerds) because they're not funny.  Molly then opined that she and I are both nerds.

Dr. Newcomer โ€” who continues to update his website article with more MEGO-inducing technical details โ€” is clearly a nerd, but not a geek:

If someone can reproduce this using a Selectric Composer, I think in addition to seeing the document, we need a complete videotape showing it being done. I and anyone else who wants to reproduce this in Word can also show how long it takes us to duplicate it, on tape. It took me five minutes the first time, and I was very, very close except for eyeballing some double-spacing and getting the right number of carriage returns in for the vertical spacing. It took me three tries to get a perfect rendering. I do not think we will see a Selectric Composer scenario that is credible for anyone (let alone a non-typist) creating such a memo in 1972. In fact, let's have two videotapes: one of an experienced typesetter who uses that device doing it, and one of an ordinary typist (the kind you are likely to find in a typing pool of that era) doing it. This requires more stretch in my imagination than I saw in the salt-water-taffy I watched being made in Maine on my last vacation.

I mean that in a good way, of course, as did Molly.

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(1) Dan made the following comment | Sep 15, 2004 10:38:37 PM | Permalink

Did anyone else see this? Knox is toast and this is hust more c-BS.


"Last week, Knox said she had no firsthand knowledge of Bush's time with the Texas Air National Guard, although she did recall a culture of special treatment for the sons of prominent people, such as Bush and others."

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