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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Seventh SwiftVets ad features POWs' wives

John Kerry's antiwar activism had a devastating and foreseeable effect on the American POWs who were still being held in Vietnam while he was condemning the American military as war criminals.  It also affected the families of those POWs.  The just-released seventh SwiftVets' ad, offers evidence of the collateral consequences of Kerry's actions on two wives of POWs (who've also been featured in the parallel Stolen Honor campaign).

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(1) jackson white made the following comment | Sep 29, 2004 1:45:13 PM | Permalink

This is the Swifties' most powerful commercial to date. I expect there will be attempts to tie these women to the vast right-wing conspiracy but that will fail.

The SBVT seems to have decided to throw the book at Kerry, and this comes at the time he is most vulnerable. Democratic party officials (at least the two-thirds who actually support Kerry) probably will begin to move money into the congressional races and away from the presidential campaign if Kerry's poll numbers continue to go south after tomorrow's debate. This commercial, which is compelling, should help that along quite a bit.

(2) tvd made the following comment | Sep 29, 2004 1:48:39 PM | Permalink

Awhile back, I believe it was Drudge who linked to this piece in the Village Voice by former NYT reporter Sidney Schanberg charging that around 1992

"(Sen. Kerry) gave orders to his committee staff to shred crucial intelligence documents. The shredding stopped only when some intelligence staffers staged a protest. Some wrote internal memos calling for a criminal investigation."

The documents concerned POWs possibly still being held by North Vietnam. Kerry sold out his Band of Brothers once again?

This story disappeared without a trace. Whahappen?

(3) Todd made the following comment | Sep 29, 2004 9:27:13 PM | Permalink

As usual, the Swiftees hit the mark. These vets (along with their POW buddies) are the cat's pajamas. :-)

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