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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sen. Kerry's kid sister, useful fool of terrorists, warns Australia against keeping faith with America

Until my blogging friend Steven Jens pointed me to Australian blogger Tim Blair's recent post and the article from The Australian's weekend edition that Tim links, I'd not been aware that Sen. John Kerry's younger sister, Diana Kerry, "is heading a campaign called Americans Overseas for Kerry which aims to secure the votes of Americans abroad — including the more than 100,000 living in Australia."

So what says Ms. Kerry — like her brother, the child of a career U.S. lawyer-diplomat — while campaigning abroad (boldface added)?

John Kerry's campaign has warned Australians that the Howard Government's support for the US in Iraq has made them a bigger target for international terrorists.

Diana Kerry, younger sister of the Democrat presidential candidate, told The Weekend Australian that the Bali bombing and the recent attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta clearly showed the danger to Australians had increased.

"Australia has kept faith with the US and we are endangering the Australians now by this wanton disregard for international law and multilateral channels," she said, referring to the invasion of Iraq.

Asked if she believed the terrorist threat to Australians was now greater because of the support for Republican George W. Bush, Ms Kerry said: "The most recent attack was on the Australian embassy in Jakarta — I would have to say that."

Ms. Kerry's audience for these remarks, of course, extends far beyond American ex-pat voters.  She apparently has sufficient sensitivity not to quote her brother directly by referring to the Aussies as a prominent member of the "trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted."  No, she merely accuses her host country of co-conspiracy in a "wanton disregard for international law," and warns them that they're letting George W. Bush paint a target on their backs.  So much for partisanship stopping at the water's edge on the American shore.

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(1) Angry White Man made the following comment | Sep 19, 2004 6:33:36 PM | Permalink

It seems as though rooting against U.S. interests runs in the Kerry family. This man needs to be stopped. The blogosphere must keep this story alive and draw parallels with Kerry's meetings with the North Vietnamese in France. The Bush campaign must seize upon this snippet of news and use it as a club to bludgeon Kerry during the debates.

(2) pajama_jihad made the following comment | Sep 19, 2004 8:04:38 PM | Permalink

"Support America and Die!"

Not exactly a way to build coalitions.

(3) recon made the following comment | Sep 19, 2004 9:38:30 PM | Permalink

I wholeheartedly support the position taken by Ed at Captain's Quarters:

Does John Kerry care more about grabbing power than he does about the United States? It certainly appears that way. Who gave the order for Diana Kerry to interfere with the Australian election? Who told her to act in a manner that is calculated to undermine the American-Australian partnership on the terror war? Frankly, not only should this disqualify him for the presidency, it should disqualify anyone involved in his campaign from ever holding public office. Those who condone this interference in a wartime alliance must be punished at the polls, and their party as a whole should be blocked from any power whatsoever until they atone for their actions.

This effort makes clear that John Kerry does not understand, or care, about the dangers facing the US and the democracies in the 21st century. His personal ambitions trump national security -- a disgusting and craven quality that will repulse Americans in November. It appears to be the only consistent theme in Kerry's public life, from his fraudulent 1971 Senate testimony all the way to his serial vacillations on the war on terror during this campaign.

Australians should also take note of the desperation and the greed for power on the left. If you believe that Islamofascists never targeted Australians or the West before the invasion of Iraq, then you should heed Diana Kerry's provocations. Those Australians who are literate and have memories that go back beyond last month will come to different conclusions.

(4) john marzan made the following comment | Sep 19, 2004 11:29:09 PM | Permalink

It's possible Kerry and Latham's camp (which I suspect is coordinating with each other) have already made a deal, and it involves the announcement of an immediate troop pullout in October if Latham wins.

(5) Stan made the following comment | Sep 19, 2004 11:51:06 PM | Permalink

The good news is that the Latham position on troop withdrawal has been slowly changing since it was first aired earlier this year. Most air and naval units would remain and perhaps as few as 100 soldiers in Iraq would leave. This is basically because the whole position has been polling badly--Australians don't like talk of (effective) surrender.

Still. It might provide some psychological benefit to the terrorists and Kerry.

It's close, but so far it looks like the Howard government will be returned. Here's hoping.

(6) PeterBoston made the following comment | Sep 20, 2004 3:58:13 PM | Permalink

Since lil' sis is an official representative of the Kerry Campaign can we reasonably conclude that Kerry's position on the WOT is to surrender Iraq to Zarqawri and hope for the best?

(7) Heavy B made the following comment | Sep 20, 2004 4:39:06 PM | Permalink

OT, but VDH fisks Kerry's foreign policy, must read...


(8) MartiniPundit made the following comment | Sep 21, 2004 4:34:31 PM | Permalink

So when Cheney says that the US will be better off (i.e. safer) under a Bush presidency that's an outrage, but when Kerry's sister says Bush makes Australians a target that's OK?

Just making sure I understand the ground rules.

(9) George made the following comment | Sep 24, 2004 2:41:55 PM | Permalink

It is a disgrace for Sister Kerry to be undermining America's support for the War on Terror. This is astonishing; scary even. I thought John Kerry wanted to enlist as many allies as possible. Perhaps he really DOES want America to lose in Iraq so he can gain political power. John Kerry's hypocracy is truely breathtaking. Defeat him.

(10) David made the following comment | Sep 28, 2004 7:09:25 PM | Permalink

All I hear from the Kerry campaign is how we are going it alone. If Kerry and his surrogates keep tearing down our true allies we really will be doing this alone.

My only question is, if any of the recently captured terrorist were interviewed, who would they say they wanted to win the US Presidency? The answer to that question should be the lead story for every media outlet. Funny that has not been done yet.

(11) Frank made the following comment | Oct 3, 2004 4:06:51 PM | Permalink

How do we get this information to the people to know what Kerry and his campaign are "really" about? He spoke of creating allies, but he is really breaking it down now. What could one imagine if this man were in office.

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