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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Republican congressional candidate compares opponent to Dan Rather

I don't know much about Texas Republican congressional candidate Louie Gohmert, but I'm hugely amused at his latest TV ad in his campaign against Democratic incumbent Max Sandlin:  "Seen  Max Sandlin's negative ads?  They've got more holes than a CBS News story by Dan Rather ...."   Per ABC News,

CBS spokeswoman Sandy Genelius said Friday the network would not comment on the ad....

Jim Dow, a spokesman for Sandlin, said the ad is "a juvenile and invalid comparison that folks don't really care about anyway. Voters in East Texas care about jobs, health care and integrity, not Dan Rather."

That's not exactly a ringing defense of Dan Rather from Congressman Sandlin, is it?  His spokesman did have the chutzpah to use the words "integrity" and "Dan Rather" in the same sentence, but as an example of contrasting concepts.  (Hat-tip Rathergate.)

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(1) Sue Bob made the following comment | Sep 25, 2004 10:57:49 PM | Permalink

I went to Texas A&m with Louie Gohmert--though he was two years ahead. Both of us participated in Student Government.

I remember him to be an excellent debator, highly principled and possessing great integrity.

He was also extremely hot-looking in those Senior Boots.

(2) MaDr made the following comment | Sep 26, 2004 8:52:49 AM | Permalink


I find it interesting that the Sandlin spokesman used the term "juvenile" reminiscent
of the Kerry Campaign.

(3) Beldar made the following comment | Sep 26, 2004 1:24:25 PM | Permalink

Sue Bob, I can't speak to his appearance in the Aggie senior boots (although I confess to always coveting a pair, and having been aware of my lack of deservingness for them). I did notice, however, that his website sports a fine photo of an attractive wife and three hot daughters. As much as I loved my own Stetson and orange with white-fringe Longhorn Band uniform, I have to confess that it was never much of a babe magnet (at least outside the LHB).

(4) ATM made the following comment | Sep 26, 2004 5:39:57 PM | Permalink

I'm in favor of integrity not Dan Rather as well.

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