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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mr. Burkett, if it's really you ...

Not to step on any toes or anything — I mean, I'm really not trying to pick on a sore subject — but to the proprietor of the blog receiving the Trackback ping I'm sending with this post: 

If you are who you say you are, and want people to take anything you say seriously — and I'll bet you surely do have lots more to say, sir, if'n you're who you say you are — then you might oughta consider posting some bona fides.  Maybe ask one of your longtime friends over for a cold Lone Star, let him watch you post something on your blog, and then let him go call a press conference in front of the county courthouse or something. 

I'm just an ole Lamesa boy, really trying to help.  (Or "hep," as we tended to say in West Texas when I was growing up there.)  I'm sure you know where Lamesa is, sir — I-20 west to Big Spring (pronounced "Big Sprang," never "Big Sprangs," 'cause there's only one, and it's gone dry), then north on US 87, only 150 miles from Abilene.  You watch, this post will send a buncha internet traffic your way. 

But ... they're likely to be kinda ... skeptical.  Now, my readers are a pretty well-behaved bunch, and include some yellow dog Democrats amongst 'em, so I'm hopin' they'll behave themselves over on your website too.  (Whoever got you set up was right smart to require comment registration, but I suspect you're still gonna have to be poundin' on that mouse button over the "delete" icon a fair bit.)

One last recommendation:  If you're gonna get into this bloggin' business in a serious way, you might wanna check out a pretty good code of bloggin' ethics.  Heck, they was written up by a libral blogger, but she's a purty girl and smart, too, and I'm proud to introduce ya to her.  Good luck, sir, and welcome to the blogosphere!  (Hat-tip to AllahPundit — but you don' even wanna ask about him, now, Mr. B, just trust me on this one.)

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(1) Stuart made the following comment | Sep 30, 2004 6:24:33 AM | Permalink

Yeah, that's "the" Bill Burkett's blog, and I'm "Lois Ramirez."

What the frequency, Danny Boy?

(2) Chuck Green made the following comment | Sep 30, 2004 10:59:32 AM | Permalink

This comment is in response to Beldar's answers to the three questions about Iraq. I am new to this comment stuff, and I when I try to do the comment directly to that post, I couldn't find where to enter the comment - hence, I do it here.

Beldar's answers to the three questions are solid. There is one overriding element that is not mentioned, and I think it is the key to understanding what we are doing and why. The preemptive invasion of Iraq is a key element in the only articulated strategy for actually winning in the "War on Terror." The preemptive operation in Iraq has two purposes. The first, is talked about more often - disarming Irag and eliminating the threat of WMDs under the control of a saddistic regime with a pathological hatred of America and ties to terror organizations. That was the easy part and it has been accomplished. The second purpose, is to seed growth of a democratic state. This is the more difficult part, but in the long run it will have a greater impact on the War on Terror because it is the key to actually winning without having to kill millions of Muslims.

The seeding of democracy and the growth of democracy and freedom is a direct threat to the Islamist terrorists. Simply put, if Muslims can be free and if Muslims can decide their on form of governments, then the Islamists, who seek to dominate Muslims and others through hatred, fear, intimidation, and terror, will fail. This is the philospohical corner stone of winning the "War on Terror." Success in Irag will set in motion the defeat within Islam of the radical philosophy underlieing the fundamentalist Islamists.

The truth of this is borne out by the current events in Iraq. The terrorists are pulling out all stops in their attempt to derail the train of democracy. The terrorists know they have to win there or their movement and their dreams of a medival Islamic Caliphate are doomed.

There is plenty of room to argue over tactics in Iraq - did we have enough manpower, should we have been tougher in Falujah, etc. But the strategy undertaken by the Bush Administration is the only plan that has been articulated to win the war - to turn Muslims from the philosphy that underlies the terrorists. Strangely, although it may be more costly now, it is the only strategy that will prevent the killing of masses of people that will eventually be necessary if we fail to do what is necessary to truly win.

(3) Mark made the following comment | Sep 30, 2004 12:49:11 PM | Permalink

There are actually comments on his blog in support of his criminal activities. The DU crowd is actually congratulating him on the scam. Pathetic.

(4) David R. Block made the following comment | Sep 30, 2004 1:22:49 PM | Permalink

From the post you link, it claims to be written by his kids. Emphasis on "claims."

(5) Ripper made the following comment | Sep 30, 2004 7:46:14 PM | Permalink

Now at http://www.billburkett.us/blog/_archives/2004/9/25/149411.html

ERROR: Article # 149411 not found

Looks like he got home and deleted the "kid's" project.

(6) Steve L. made the following comment | Oct 1, 2004 8:46:02 AM | Permalink

Here is the WHOIS info on that site:

Domain ID D6702790-US
Domain Status clientTransferProhibited
Registrant ID DI_467151
Registrant Name Geoff Staples
Registrant Organization Hostricity Web Hosting
Registrant Address1 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 1812
Registrant City Dallas
Registrant State/Province TX
Registrant Postal Code 75219
Registrant Country United States
Registrant Country Code US
Registrant Phone Number +214.5990260
Registrant Facsimile Number +214.7642141
Registrant Email [email protected]


The WHOIS information for radioleft.com is the same and Geoff Staples is the blogger on that site and the co-host of a radio program "Conversations" on radioleft.com. Also, the address for radioleft.com is the same as the address for the hosting company and the billburkett.us site.

(7) Steve L. made the following comment | Oct 1, 2004 8:47:18 AM | Permalink

I left out one detail. At the top of the radioleft.com site is:

32 days until Bush Gets the BOOT!

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