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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Dismantling terrorist enclaves

Pithy wisdom from The Belmont Club:

Without the infrastrastructure of a state sponsor, terrorism is limited to cells of about 100 members in size in order to maintain security. In the context of the current campaign in Iraq, the strategic importance of places like Falluja or "holy places" is that their enclave nature allows terrorists to grow out their networks to a larger and more potent size. Without those sanctuaries, they would be small, clandestine hunted bands. The argument that dismantling terrorist enclaves makes "America less safe than it should be in a dangerous world" inverts the logic. It is allowing the growth of terrorist enclaves that puts everyone at risk in an otherwise safe world.

As usual, Wretchard has oodles of details and links to back this up.

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(1) bumbi made the following comment | Sep 27, 2004 3:05:09 PM | Permalink

Funny typo on the usatoday.com front page:
Iraqi strike in Gaza kills 1 militant

Should read:
Israeli strike in Gaza kills 1 militant

Darn, that Iraqi army got back on their feet fast - now their attacking Gaza!

(2) Tim made the following comment | Sep 27, 2004 5:30:20 PM | Permalink

Yes, it seems increasingly clear that "network theory" strongly suggests that regardless of the election outcome, the U.S. counter-offense against Fallujah and Sadr City commences shorty after November 2. While this will go a very long way toward restoring security and stablizing Iraq, too bad the MSM and the Kerry campaign cannot be trusted to politicize the situation, and too bad the American people's tolerance for casualties is sufficiently suspect that Bush has to wait until after the election. But, all things considered, probably better late than never. Hopefully we're using this time to gain as much tactical intelligence as possible to expedite the take-down and minimize U.S. casualties.

(3) Thomas J. Jackson made the following comment | Sep 27, 2004 9:22:34 PM | Permalink

Sanctuaries inside of Iraq are of little import compared to the terrorist sanctuaries that exist within Iran and Syria. Till action is taken against these states peace cannot be achieved in Iraq.

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