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Friday, September 03, 2004

Clinton's upcoming surgery

A writer for the Associated Press, and perhaps others in the mainstream media, very much wanted the partisan Republican crowd to boo when President Bush announced during a rally today that former President Bill Clinton has been hospitalized for heart bypass surgery, so they could then chastise Dubya for failing to chastise the crowd.  It didn't happen that way, but that's the way the AP — initially — wrote its story, which of course spread like wildfire through the mainstream media.

I share the astonishment and dismay of the folks at Power Line, who've exposed this episode in detail.

I disagree with Mr. Clinton's politics; I do not admire his ethics; I think he was a disastrous President in many respects.  I continue to admire his intelligence and energy, however, and to marvel at his unsurpassed skills as a politician.  I genuinely regret that, unfortunately, there will inevitably be distasteful and snarky remarks from some on the righthand side of the political aisle about his current hospitalization.  There won't be any on this blog, including in its comments (as best I can patrol them; and that includes links to or quotes from snarky remarks elsewhere, which I frankly don't care to further publicize).

I sincerely join President Bush — and the crowd that in fact didn't boo, but clapped and cheered in agreement when President Bush expressed his good wishes — in adding my own best wishes that President Clinton may have a full and speedy recovery.  (Hat-tip to Swimming Through the Spin for the audio link.)

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(1) Little Birdie made the following comment | Sep 3, 2004 9:17:50 PM | Permalink

Mr. Scott Lindlaw
Associated Press (NS-300I)
White House Reporter

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Ste 600
Washington, DC 20006-1003

Editor Phone Number: (202) 776-9494
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Ms. Sandy Johnson
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Bureau Chief

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(2) dannny made the following comment | Sep 3, 2004 9:31:34 PM | Permalink

The msm continues to stymie the new media. Although the inconsistencies of kerry's tale would create a firestorm if attributed to bush, the old media has managed to defy the new media and believe they have rendered the swifties medal stories stopped.

Only when the new media can create enough pressure on a public figure like kerry will the gatekeeping of old media be broken.

When kerry releases his docs, new media will have won this battle.

(3) Little Birdie made the following comment | Sep 3, 2004 11:04:09 PM | Permalink

Mr. T. Lee Hughes
Bureau Chief
Associated Press (NS-310V)

918 N 4th St
Milwaukee, WI 53203-1506

Media Phone Number: (414) 225-3580
Media Fax Number: (414) 225-3599
Editor Email: [email protected]

(4) mcg made the following comment | Sep 3, 2004 11:51:00 PM | Permalink

I watched President Clinton's speech at the 2004 DNC, and even though I wasn't buying a word of it, I marveled at it nonetheless. There is a real good reason that guy was President. I too have this strange, conflicted admiration for a man that I really should (and in some ways, do) abhor.

I will be praying for his recovery tonight, for sure.

(5) M. Simon made the following comment | Sep 4, 2004 3:16:10 PM | Permalink

For all his faults he tried to warn us about Osama and we wouldn't listen.

Too mesmerized by the Republican "wag the dick". The Democrats are not the only ones to play fast and loose with national security.

Any way. He taught us a lesson we needed: the President is only a human. Even his faults have done us good. If we use them.

Get well Bill.

(6) jaxinman made the following comment | Sep 4, 2004 7:16:16 PM | Permalink

I too loathe former President Clinton, but do not wish him harm vis a vis such serious health problems. I would much rather see him in JAIL. Now that I would cheer. Right now I pray for a quick and healthy recovery.


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