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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

War heroes in the White House

Hugh Hewitt's "Col. Kurtz" meme finally clarified in my mind — an epiphany! — when I read this comment from "Chad" on Wizbang:

John Kerry was in Cambodia. It's all a conspiracy. Didn't you see Apocalypse Now? It was based on the life of John Kerry. He was an assassin and a war hero.

President Josiah Bartlet a/k/a Captain Benjamin L. Willard a/k/a Martin SheenI sort of agree with Chad.  I've come to the sudden realization that it's only fair that Kerry take over the White House now from its current war-hero occupant — President Josiah Bartlet, who, as we all know, brought Kurtz to justice (or justice to Kurtz). 

The GOP will get its chance again in 2008, when The Terminator will win big-time.  We won't need to amend the Constitution; the great irony will be that the Kerry Administration will have removed all legal barriers that would have prevented us from cloning a version of the Big T who will have been born (or at least decanted) in the USA.

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And Kerry's as pompous as the Bartlett character, too!

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