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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Political foods

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom lists "9 names for Ben & Jerry's Ted Kennedy tribute ice cream."  My favorite — I'd buy a pint of this myself! — is No. 2, "Scotch Almond Neat, and no, I don’t want any goddamn water with it."  (Hattip: VodkaPundit.)

Meantime, InstaPundit does a comparative taste test of Heinz Ketchup and W Ketchup.  I reject Prof. Reyolds' political premise, though, that a preference for Heinz Ketchup correlates in any way to a preference for the Kedwards ticket.  Remember, the brand name is from the ancestors of a deceased Republican senator from Pennsylvania; Teh-RAY-sah is just an immigrant-come-lately to the name (and fortune).  Thus do I justify and reconcile my political and gustatory tastes, anyway.

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