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Friday, March 12, 2004

At last, Beldar's blogroll

I'm not quite sure why I've resisted creating a blogroll. Certainly I've been gratified to have been added to a number of other bloggers' own blogrolls, and I certainly have long had a set of bookmarked favorites. TypePad makes it easy to create such lists and edit the items in them (although extremely difficult to reorder the entries once created, unless I'm missing something).

I suppose one reason for my reluctance has been a feeling that it's "not my place" to tell you, gentle readers, where you ought to be browsing. But heck, I've always listed the five most recent books I've read and DVD movies I've watched. I suppose, as always, you'll browse where you please, and my bloglist should be viewed not as my "recommendations" as such, but more as a reflection — for what it's worth, which to anyone but me may be almost zero — of where I regularly choose to browse.

There's a definite conservative trend to my list, with a few conspicuous exceptions (Burnt Orange, Charles Kuffner, Kevin Drum). I'm vaguely concerned that I've surely left some folks off who've been kind enough to link or blogroll me in the past; and I'm not sure what guidelines I'll follow in making additions and deletions to it, although anyone who's blogrolled me is more than welcome to suggest via email that I reciprocate.

But for what it's worth, there it is, over near the bottom of the sidebar to the right.

Update (Sun Mar 14 @2pm):   Okay, I've finally figured out how to export and import using TypePad's Lists for relatively easy updating, editing, and resequencing of my blogroll, and after cross-referencing my Favorites on another computer I've added about a dozen additional links. The alphabetizing is still a bit spotty (TypePad insists on listing "Right Wing News" before "Right on the Left Beach," for instance, apparently because it thinks all capitalized letters are earlier in the alphabet than all lower-case letters), and I haven't put surnames first for those whose blogs are named after themselves with their first name first (e.g., Roger L. Simon, Daniel Dresner). But it's functional, if not consistent or exactly pretty.

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(1) Evan Schaeffer made the following comment | Mar 12, 2004 9:10:54 PM | Permalink

Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to browsing your list and discovering some new blogs.

(2) Mike Thomas made the following comment | Mar 23, 2004 4:13:16 PM | Permalink

Since you offered, I’ll go ahead and be so rude as to request a reciprocal link. Thanks in advance.
Also, I’ll put in a plug for the group blog where I am one of the few liberal contributors (and the only Texan) - www.ETALKINGHEAD.com

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