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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super thanks!

I'm watching the Super Bowl while blogging.  I don't much care who wins. 

But I'm very proud of my adopted hometown of the last 23 years.  I think we "done good" in putting this thing on.  (I say "we"; my sum total contribution was in politely chatting with a small handful of visitors I've run into in gas stations or drug stores, but I did make sure to "put my smile on" and welcome them, per Mayor Bill's instructions.)  I'm thankful to everyone who has worked to make the event a success —

  • I'm thankful to those who put on the pregame tribute to the heroes of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

  • I'm thankful to Houston native Beyonce for not overdoing the artistic styling of the Star Spangled Banner, and to everyone in the stadium who cooperated in the patriotic flash-card display.

  • I'm thankful to all my fellow Houstonians who've shown hospitality, and especially to the hundreds or maybe thousands of volunteers whose work has made this shindig possible even though they didn't get complementary game tickets and maybe even are missing seeing the game on TV.

But most of all, I'm thankful to everyone — from Houston to Kabul and Baghdad — who've literally put their lives on the line to make sure that some crazy bastards who hate America and hate freedom haven't been able to crash an airliner into Reliant Stadium, or sneak a fragmentation bomb onto one of our new lightrail trains, or otherwise deliver some tragedy into the midst of the festivities.


Update (Sun Feb 1 @ 9:30pm):  And hey, it turned into a heckuva good football game too!  Grats to the Pats; and grats to all those who took Carolina and the points.

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(1) Steven Jens made the following comment | Feb 2, 2004 12:26:08 AM | Permalink

A "heckuva" game, indeed. At the party I attended with fellow Pats fans here in Massachusetts, we celebrated the final whistle by toasting the Panthers. I think a lot of people underestimated them, but I think if the Patriots had, they wouldn't be bringing home the Lombardi trophy.

(2) Michael Morgan made the following comment | Feb 6, 2004 2:52:50 PM | Permalink

I found the mayor's exhortations to be, simply put, maddening. Being an adult, and a Southern Boy, I didn't feel the need to get lectured on manners and etiquette from anyone, especially Mayor BW.

I must agree that, although having only caught the second half, it was a great football game with plenty of heart shown on both sides.

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