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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Why do Dems dis the Brits?

I understand that — with the exception of Joe Lieberman — Democratic presidential candidates feel compelled to criticize President Bush's conduct of the Battle of Iraq as part of the War on Terrorism; and I understand that one of their consistent memes is that President Bush erred in failing to secure UN (or at least NATO) approval and active cooperation for our Iraq operations.

But I just become livid when I hear those candidates refer to us as having had a "phony coalition" in Iraq — either now, or earlier during the major combat operations.  (My immediate outrage is at John Kerry's use of that exact phrase on "Meet the Press" this morning; he's used "fraudulent coalition" and similar terms in other speeches.  Similarly, Clark claims there's "no coalition," and Dean claims "we should have gone in with a real coalition" but instead acted "unilaterally.")

Even if they made it clear in their comments that their focus was limited to those earlier major combat operations last spring — which might somewhat justify them effectively ignoring countries that supported our position but contributed no significant numbers of combat troops — how can these Democratic candidates continually piss on the graves of the brave British soldiers who fought shoulder to shoulder with our own?  How can they so carelessly trivialize and insult our best ally in the world?  Would it so dilute their anti-Bush message for them to insert a parenthetical — "I acknowledge that we were joined by the British; I acknowledge that Tony Blair not only agreed with George W. Bush, but committed his country's troops along with ours" — in characterizing the forces that went to war?

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