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Monday, January 19, 2004

Snarky Beldar surveys what the Deaniacs are saying to each other ...

From this thread started on Dean's campaign blog by the semi-famous Zephyr Teachout:

The thing I don't understand is...what happened? The Perfect Storm! All those letters! Dean was ahead of Geppy for so long...all those enthusiastic crowds at the rallies...what happened? How on EARTH could anyone prefer John (johnkerry) Kerry?

I would like to make a joke about voters committing Hairy Kerry, but I don't feel up to it.

John Kerry, by the way, served in Vietnam and looks French.

Thank you, Zephyr.

But note: it's the "enormousness" of what we're doing, not the "enormity." There's a big difference!

Even in tough times, your faithful blog commenters must continue to insist that we use the right words!

Zephyr's sentence that prompted this comment:  "Its painful that it has an effect, but it does have an effect -- there are so many people who have been inspired by the stormers, and by you, and by Dean, but so many others who have never had a chance to really understand the enormity of what you are trying to do." e•nor•mi•ty: "(1) The quality of passing all moral bounds; excessive wickedness or outrageousness. (2) A monstrous offense or evil; an outrage."  I applaud this comment!  I adore usage mavens!  But I'm disappointed that inappropriate apostrophe use (or non-use) apparently is okay in "tough times."

I don't care! Let's all remember that this is just another poll... WE MUST KEEP FIGHTING! Write more letters- better letters- that address the issues and indicate what other campaigns have been trying to do to us... let them know what we stand for! Let them know what they have at stake if we don't get their votes! This is important! DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU! Do not hang your head! Do not feel ashamed! BE MOTIVATED! If they think Iowa was a fight, they haven't seen anything yet!


Yes, more letters, better letters!  Die, you other-candidate-supporters, die!

kerry won so im all done i,=m not voting this years

Speaking just for myself — i,=m still voting this years, but not for Dean.

You people are so weird. You are a tiny little cult of tin-foil hat wearing twenty-somethings in cool glasses. No real democrat wants your guy!!!! Get over it!!!!!! I know many people who say they won't vote if Dean gets the nomination (although that looks unlikely). Start a 3rd party. Please.

This guy gets points from me because he could spell "weird," putting him in the top 0.01 percent of blogosphere comment posters.  However, more than three exclamation points is always excessive.

I have to say, I can't help but be a bit sad. I really thought that we would do much better in Iowa than it looks like we are going to. I have to say, also, that I felt like the Dean campaign kind of implied that we would do better than we have. That isn't to say that I don't still support Dean, I do - strongly. But I have real fear now that all the volunteers, cash and rallies in the world may not be enough to get Dean into office. Maybe Americans are just not quite ready yet for someone who I believe is truly different, truly a man wanting to represent the people, instead of a politician. Maybe the American public would rather stick with the devil they know.

Yes, that's clearly the explanation.  Edwards is possessed by the Devil.  Kerry is the Devil.  Americans are known worldwide as being Satanists.  Dean's mistake was revealing how central his religious faith is to important decisions in his life (e.g., bike-path politics).

Guys...don't panic! This is just the beginning...it's only Iowa. Dean is ahead in lots of other states (30% to 2nd place Gep 16% in MI). Dean has the most money. It's always been the candidate with the most money who is their party's nominee. The other candidates will fizzle without funds! So chill out. Dean is #44!

Such commendable idealism!

I think this is our wake-up call. I got down with the first results, but was inspired to see the Gov speak. This is a movement to change the country, and it will be a long, hard slog.

Losing has one big advantage: the trolls are all at Kerry's blog!

Well, except for the lurkers like me.  I love this:   "long, hard slog."  Another poster later used the same phrase, again without a hint that he intended any irony.  I'm calling QUAGMIRE on these guys!

We did it ! we beat that slime Gephardt!

Yes, and it's quite impressive that the two candidates who wrapped up the organized labor endorsements — Dean and "that slime" — finished a distant third and fourth.  Of course, it is Iowa.

Way to go Iowa!!! Way to vote for buisness as usual. This could have been an oppertunity for real change, but instead you voted for just another MK.1a standard bought and payed for politician.

Remember this moment when the sheep voted for the wolfs.

I donate and continue to work for Dean, but right about now, Canada or Europe looks pretty good.

Again, a genuine American patriot speaks.  You are likely to feel very much at home in Europe, especially in France.

I want to congratulate the winner of the caucus. I am a Howard Dean supporter, he stood up for all of us, the democrats, in time when no other candidate did. John Kerry and all the other candidates do not have my respect. They copy Howard Dean in every aspect, they attacked like gangs our Howard Dean and that is something I never expected coming from the democratic party and something I will never forgive. If Howard Dean get crush by the establishment, the media it is up to the voters to stand up and defend our candidate, otherwise they deserve GWB four more years. I will never stand up for another person unless it is Dean. I we loose in our effort to get our government back, I will unite to the person I am most angry about, George W Bush, and I will give so much money and resources to him until the democratic party gets crush in the general elections. And to MRS. Clinton, we all know you are behind the scene working against HD, so you are the nominee in 2008 but we do not forget and I assure you that the same effort I put in trying to get HD the nomination I will put to try not to nominate you.

That last quote was a post by — I kid you not — "MD for Dean."

Anyone notice on the leaderboard all pics of other candidates smiling and Dean not? Dean needs to smile 75% of the time so they cannot use that "angry Dean" bull.

Hmmm, what about letting Howard be Howard?  Actually, he scares me a whole lot more when he smiles, but that's just me.

Dean must stop letting other people define him! The bashing stuck to him, and it blocked his message from getting through. Now they comment "where is his wife?" What drivel. Howard, don't let them define you. The answer is Howard and his wife ar EXACTLY like millions of working couples in this country; she's a working proffesional soccer mom, not a stuffy 1st lady old fart in pearls. Let he be what she is, no appologies. And when Kery or Liberman steal a platform plank, CALL THEM ON IT! And when they say stupid insulitn comments in a debate, don't answer. Say "Is that the best question you can come up with? Why are my corrospondence records sealed until a judge can review them? Really, Joe, peaople acn see through that kind of nonsense question." HOWARD, DON'T LET OTHERS DEFINE YOU! YOU ARE THE SMART ONE WHO BROUGHT THE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE TO THE LEVEL IT IS AT THIS YEAR. GO HOWARD GO!

I quite agree with that last comment about bringing the Democratic debate to the level it's at.


LEAVE, NOW. OR CHANGE YOUR NAME TO THAT YOUR PARENTS GAVE YOU. Delete this post and it’s your loss. I’m into the Dr. a significant amount financially.

So what have you got against Birkenstoks or Volvos?  And I wonder if Dean's Secret Service protectors will have to investigate that ominous closing warning.

On the Fourth of July 2003 I first met Gov Howard Dean here in NH. I had a momentary face to face with him and being so inspired after listening to him speak I looked him eye ball to eye ball and said, "Governor, go out there and kick some butt". He looked back at me very seriously, tapped me on my chest with his forefinged and said, "With your help I will"! I have been volunteering since and will continue to do so. I you're in NH we need your help!

Aha.  It's a "forefinged" — and it's clearly dangerous!  That's why he's been pointing it!  "Everyone get down, he's got a forefinged!"

Is anyone listening to me? I'm trying to use capital letters to get attention. IRAQ IS THE KEY! What happened to the pre-war intelligence investigation???

If we let public opinion continue to favor the president on the issue of Iraq, WE WILL LOSE. If we can turn public opinion on Iraq, WE WILL WIN.


(sorry to put so much pressure on you, but DEAN MUST WIN!)

Yes, the path to the Presidency is definitely to make it absolutely clear to every voter in America that Howard Dean, moreso than any other candidate, wanted to keep Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq.

You know who did this to you don't you? The blizzard of historical dirt? The planted hostile questions by hitherto friendly media? Let me give you a hint: He used to be President and you kept him from being impeached.

Well, technically, he was impeached, just not convicted in the Senate.  Small distinction, but it kinda meant that Al Gore didn't run for President from the White House as an incumbent.

Bill Snyder says that it was the capture of Saddam that led to Dean's numbers dropping. Does he believe that the American people are that stupid? Interesting the media would never take any blame in hurting Dean's numbers with the crap they've been reporting. I agree with AZ4Dean, we've got to do something with the media. But what? I'll do anything to get them to stop.

Yes, someone is clearly out of touch with America.  The capture of Saddam obviously made America no safer — and couldn't possibly have harmed the Dean campaign.  In fact, I've heard that Gov. Dean is planning to attend church — er, mosque with Saddam next weekend, and an endorsement is in the works.

1. Dr. Dean needs a make-over...he needs to drop a couple thou on a BEAUTIFUL suit or two...

2. He needs a new hair do...sad to say, but we live in a society that gauges a man in public on his looks...now is the time to step up...

3. Especially when you got 2 guys with good hair and good suits STEALING all your lines...something needs to be done about this...what i don't know...

4. But this is a beuty contest of sorts...let's bump up his physical attributes and then he'll be damn near perfect...

That one was from "wende in sf," in case you're wondering.

If there is problem here, it is not with us -- it is with the people of Iowa. It seems they don't appreciate real class when they see it.

Yes, it's the S-factor.

It struck me when on CNN, Bob Dole mentioned that Pat Robertson had come in second in Iowa: Iowans are really crazy people. I hate to put down the people in a whole state, but lets be serious. When the people of Massachusetts, where Kerry is a Senator, also prefer Howard Dean it should tell you something. Kerry cannot win in November.

The fact that Iowans have decided to have this crazy caucus system shows how little respect they have for actual democracy.

I agree with Howard Dean. We got our ticket. We have come through the mad house. Now on to the real states where everyone isn't so psychotic.

Psychotic Iowans.  Heh.  That would explain all the plane-loads of cornfed blonde people flying to Syria to sneak across the border into Iraq to fight democracy.  Yup.

Now Kerry will get front runner title and the media will start calling him the northeastern liberal. They will uncover his banking connections and telecommunication deals. They will find things out about his voting record. They will attack his hair. It will help to take the heat off of Dean for awhile.

How can the Dean campaigners win in New Hampshire unless they can decide whether John Kerry has good hair or bad hair?

I was just remembering a piece of history that may resonate for some of you. In December of 1777, Washington's troops at Valley Forge were hungry, cold, ragged, and cramped. "An army of skeletons appeared before our eyes naked, starved, sick and discouraged," wrote New York's Gouverneur Morris of the Continental Congress. The Marquis de Lafayette wrote: "The unfortunate soldiers were in want of everything; they had neither coats nor hats, nor shirts, nor shoes. Their feet and their legs froze until they were black, and it was often necessary to amputate them." Six months later they were a disciplined, self-confident, and dignified legion. Let's all remember that Revolutions don't happen easily or overnight. And none of us is naked, frozen or starving. We march on, we march on, and we don't stop until we win.

This one surprises me.  How could someone know this much about America's history, take obvious pride in it — and yet still support the candidate who would have left Saddam in power in Iraq?

Fascinating stuff, though.  I love the internet.

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