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Friday, November 28, 2003

Dubya's excellent adventure

Dubya at mess in BagdhadNewsweek's Eleanor Clift says that "George W. Bush’s daring secret trip into the heart of Baghdad was such a triumph of political choreography that it left Democratic strategists gasping for mercy."  Clift is incapable of avoiding hyperbole; the Angry Left, those unified by their hatred of Dubya, will find this just another cowboy stunt.

But this was a baby boomer moment, Dubya's excellent adventure:   "Road trip!"

I especially love this quote from the NYT report— a line that was completely unscripted, but that says volumes about whether Dubya's a racist:

Mr. Bush said he even tried to disguise his appearance, as did Ms. Rice. They pulled up a plain-looking vehicle with tinted windows, Mr. Bush told reporters. "I slipped on a baseball cap, pulled 'er down — as did Condi. We looked like a normal couple."

If you "get" the President, if you understand what drives him, then this is so much in character that you say to yourself afterwards, "Duh, I shoulda expected him to want to eat his Thanksgiving turkey with the troops, and I wish I coulda been there." 

If you don't, you'll figure it's all about Rovian politics and photo ops — in which case I feel very, very sorry for you, because it's hard to digest Thanksgiving leftovers when your gut is so full of bitter black bile.

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